Pampers Highlights How Difficult Parenting Can Be in New Ad


Any parent will tell you that parenting is hard and as they all say, there’s nothing that can really prepare you for parenthood. Parenthood can be stressful and parents always seem to be on the brink of exhaustion. Usually, brands try to glamorize parenting but Pampers in their latest ad decided to get real about how difficult parenting can be. Their latest spot which is called “Love the Change” highlights the uncertainty, fears and everything else that new parents face. With the ad, Pampers is painting a realistic picture of what parenting looks like while providing comfort to the new parents.

Pampers Highlights How Difficult Parenting Can Be in New Ad

About Pampers New Spot “Love the Change”

The new spot was created by the creative agency McKinney. It was directed by Lisa Rubisch of Park Pictures, with music composed by Kari Steinert (They are both moms).  The spot is a one minute spot but it also includes two shorter spots which are being run online and on TV. In the spot, we see Pampers imagine parenthood as a strange new place. In this strange new place, the “locals are rowdy” and parents don’t speak the language. The descriptions are paired with real-life relatable situations. We see a bleary-eyed mom turning to Google in hopes of finding out what’s wrong with her baby. We see a father in a public restroom who forget to pack the wipes and many more relatable scenarios.

But they tell us that the new place is filled with “fellow travellers” (other parents). These travellers who are there to lend a helping hand. They then show us the father in the public restroom who forget the wipes, who is lent wipes by another dad. At the end of the ad, Pampers reassures parents that they’ll eventually come to learn the many “secrets, hotspots and shortcuts” that this brand new world has to offer.

Pampers Speaks on its New Spot

According to the brand, nearly every scene in the spot features real parents and their kids, not actors. The brand stated that the spot was created in partnership with parents on its advertising and Pampers leadership teams.

Andre Schulten a father of two and the P&G North American vice president of Pampers spoke on the spot. He talked about how becoming a parent brings lots of change. He explained that it affects how you see the world and what’s important to you. Schulten said that it fundamentally shifts who you are.

He then stated that they are excited to celebrate the reality with the spot. Schulten mentioned that the spot was created by a team of parents, offering an authentic and realistic understanding of what parenthood is today.  He stated that the brand wishes to support parents and babies as they go on this journey together.


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