Pamper Pants: P&G Launches New Pull Up Diapers


P&G‘s diaper brand Pampers has recently launched its new pull up diapers called Pamper Pants. Pampers is the Nigeria’s leading diaper brand, for more than 40 years Pampers has been helping improve the lives of babies and their parents with an amazing line of diapers. P&G has recently launched Pamper Pants, it can be pulled on and removed by tearing the sides providing a quick and hassle-free solution to diaper changing.

Pamper Pants: P&G Launches New Pull Up Diapers

P&G Pamper Pants Ads

Pamper Pants was launched with a TV ad, the ad features Tiwa Savage and her son Jamil. In the ad, Tiwa Savage talks about how difficult it is to change diapers for babies once they are mobile. She goes further to talk about how Pamper Pants is the perfect solution to the problem. She talks about how well they fit and how easy it is to pull up. Tiwa Savage ends the ad by encouraging the viewers to try pamper pants themselves.


P& G Talk about the Pamper pants

In a statement by the Vice President North America Baby Care Yuri Hermida said that P&G understands how difficult and developmental the transition to underwear is on parents and toddlers. He explains that the Pamper Pants is a product for years of research and development.  Pampers used feedback from parents to design it. They say it will make the potty training process easy on parents and toddlers.

Hermida said that the Pampers Pants offer the best of both worlds for parents and toddlers, it gives the parents the confidence, comfort and protections of diapers while giving the toddlers the feeling and look of underwear. The pull up diapers have already been met with a lot of positive from parents. Parents say that it is fit and has the feel of real underwear while still giving toddlers leak protection. They say it is great for potty training and helps with the transition process.

Pamper Pants: P&G Launches New Pull Up Diapers

About the Pamper Easy Pull Ups

The New Pampers Pants comes in sizes 3-5 and offers the following features:

  • A Flexible Waistband which allows a fast and easy change.
  • Very Breathable Soft Belt and Cuffs, this for a gentle application on your baby’s skin.
  • It is soft like cotton
  • It has MicropearlsTM that absorbs liquids up to 30 times their weight
  •  The Pamper pants have extra absorb channels that helps distribute wetness evenly and locks the wetness away
  • It is extra-breathable.


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