Oreos are Santa’s Favourite Cookies According to the Brand’s Latest Spot


Everyone knows that Santa’s favourite treats are cookies and a glass of milk. Children everywhere leave out cookies and a glass of milk for the potbellied gift giver. But what many people don’t know is what Santa’s favourite brand of cookies are (We never bothered to find out). Well, Oreo has gone through the stress of finding out and it’s not a big surprise that his favourite cookies are Oreos. In the cookie brand’s Christmas ad, they illustrate this fact to us with a new elf who goes on his first cookie run.

Oreos are Santa’s Favourite Cookies According to the Brand’s Latest Spot

About the Spot

The 60-second spot starts with an elf who is obviously on his first cookie run in a convenience store. We can hear him muttering “Oreos for Santa … Oreos for Santa,” as he scoops up several packages of the cookies and an orange soda. He takes it to the cashier who helps him replace the soda with a glass of milk. The two then share a moment which involves twisting, licking, milk-dunking and chomping down on Oreos. They also dance around the aisles before the elf rushes out into the snow to deliver the cookies to Santa not before he invites his new friend to join them.

Asides the spot, the cookie brand is planning to do more for its holiday campaign. They will be bringing consumers a more immersive experience through several out-of-home elements. Some of these immersive experiences include Amazon’s Treasure Truck, which Oreo will be collaborating with throughout December. They will also be sharing seasonal Oreo-centric recipes.

About the Other Elements of the Campaign

The cookie brand will be collaborating with Amazon’s Treasure Truck, a circus-themed truck which roams around 30 U.S. cities–features one megadeal per day for an “unexpected” shopping experience. To participate, consumers sign up for text alerts to hear when the truck is out and about with its wares, opt-in if the deal is too good to pass up and then meet the truck someplace in town to retrieve the item. Brands often work with the Treasure Truck to set up fuller experiences featuring games and giveaways.

The brand will also be sharing seasonal, Oreo-centric recipes for consumers (and Santa) to try this holiday season. The cookie brand will also have seasonal flavours on the shelves, as usual, and Oreo-themed holiday gifts for sale in its online store

Oreo Speaks on the Christmas Campaign

Kamila De Maria Oreo’s Brand manager spoke about the campaign to Adweek. She talked about how the brand is trying to flip the script and ask, what does Santa want for Christmas?. Kamila De Maria spoke about how every year we ask Santa for our wish list, but we have never stopped to think what Santa wants. She talks about how we know he loves cookies but we have never wondered what his favourite brand is.

This Holiday campaign is the first-holiday campaign for Oreo since 2016 and continues the “Stay Playful” theme that the Martin Agency debuted for the cookie brand in February.

Source: Adweek


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