Oreo and HBO to Collaborate for New Loyalty Pledge Campaign


HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones final season is to be released in April and the team has been working hard to help promote the final season. There have been a lot of promotional events and brand partnerships, all to promote the shows final season. Now HBO is collaborating with Oreo on a new campaign called the Loyalty Pledge campaign. The Loyalty Pledge campaign will see the Mondelez brand Oreo help fans make a loyalty pledge to the Iron Throne. This is said to be Oreo’s biggest collaboration to date

Oreo and HBO to Collaborate for New Loyalty Pledge Campaign

About Oreo and HBO’s Collaboration on the Loyalty Pledge Campaign

Not a lot of details have been revealed about the loyalty pledge campaign but it is said to be a very big campaign. Oreo teased the partnership in a social teaser video recently. It led to a raft of titles to publish the headline ‘Game of Thrones Oreos are coming’.  According to the Senior Director of Oreo Justin Parnell, the loyalty pledge campaign will involve more than branded cookies. He revealed that the loyalty pledge campaign will help fans pledge their loyalty to the throne.

Oreo Speaks on the Loyalty Pledge Campaign and Collaboration with HBO’s Game of Thrones

Justin Parnell stated the campaign will play heavily into one of Oreo’s key missions which are to connect people. He then went to hint that the loyalty pledge campaign will engage the fanatical Game of Thrones social community. Parnell then spoke about the Game of Thrones social community, he talked about how involved and engaged the community is with the viewing parties, the bantering about characters and their speculations about what’s going to happen on the web. He praised the community stating it is all about social connections which is what makes the community relevant for Oreo.

Parnell stated that with the campaign, they are fully and wholeheartedly leaning into their brand purpose. They believe in the power of a playful spirit in bringing people together. He spoke about how no one can necessarily look at Game of Thrones as being playful but the fans of the hit show make it playful and about connections by being a community.


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