OPay Launches ‘OBus’


OPay, the payment platform recently launched a new service called OBus. OBus is the tech company’s public bus hailing services in Lagos. OPay is the latest lifestyle app that’s taking Nigeria especially Lagos by storm. The app just came into the market a few months back and already seems to be dominating the market with a great range of services and a very aggressive marketing strategy. With, their latest service, OBus, it’s obvious they are determined to dominate the Nigerian market.

OPay Launches ‘OBus’

About OPay

OPay is a payment platform developed by Opera Software. With the platform, users can shop and pay for services and products through their mobile or web browser. The services they offer include payment of utility bills, purchase of airtime, etc. The app also has a ride-hailing service and users can order food with the app.

OPay Launches ‘OBus’

OBus is OPay’s latest addition to the already successful app. According to sources, OBus has been available on the OPay platform since inception. Users who wish to use the service, need to simply update their app. For now, the bus hailing services will operate along the CMS-Ikeja routes.

How OBus Works

The trip fare payments for this bus hailing service are made using an OBus Card. The card is a QR-enabled card that comes in different denominations. It is as low as ₦200 and as high as ₦2000. When customers wish to pay for a trip, they simply have to place the cards over a sensor reader inside the bus. The sensor then reads the ticket barcode which was generated through the mobile app and withdrawal will be made immediately. Customers can use the OBus Cards for multiple trips until the credit is exhausted. Alternatively, payments can also be made through the OPay wallet, as with other OPay services. Customers can purchase the cards from OPay agents at different designated bus stops.

OPay Speaks on new Bus Hailing Services

A rep from the company spoke to Techpoint about the new services. The rep stated that the service is like normal buses but it is more comfortable and supports cashless payments. When concerns were raised about the company’s speed of product and services expansion, the rep explained it away as a way of testing new waters. The rep stated that they are moving fast. “However, I believe we will learn from experience, just like Gokada is having its share of challenges already”.


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