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Welcome to Sekere’s Podcast, On this episode, the Sekere Team and their guests will be doing a review of the OPay app. They will be sharing their opinions on Opera’s new app.


Christiana: Welcome to Sekere News, My name is Christiana and I’ll be your host for today. My guests today are Tolu and Semira. Today we’re going to be reviewing the Opay app. The Opay app is an app created by Opera, the creators of the Opera Mini browser. With the Opay app, users can pay utility bills, buy credit or airtime, they can make transfers and they can order food and use their logistics service.

Today, we are going to be talking about the services the Opay app offers, we would also be talking about the app, its interface and their marketing strategy. So let’s start off with the services, the Opay app offers. Tolu what you think about the services.

Tolu: Thanks for having me. Christiana,

Christiana: You are welcome.

Tolu: I think the services are amazing. I think they did well in introducing other platforms aside, requesting for a ride. I think you can do delivery as well. I think you can get food on the platform, you can do your banking transfers, transactions on the platform as well as recharge your phone. I think the services so far. Amazing.

Christiana: All right, Semira.

Semira: Thanks for having me.

Christiana: You are welcome

Semira: So I’m not a frequent yourself, but I think from the little understanding I have. I think it offers a range of services that are very, very useful to the average individual, like Tolu said you airtime recharge and paying your utility bills, for me, i think it’s important because sometimes when you have issues with your banking apps. I think it’s a really nice alternative to get the services more for you basically. I think so far so good. They are doing great.

Christiana: So they have a wide range of services, so I feel with the app, you don’t need really need so many apps on your phone. If you’re a business person, you don’t need to call different logistic companies, you don’t need to have Gokada and all those things. You can just app to everything, to make transfers, buy your airtime and do all those things. So generally I think the app, the services they offer Great, amazing like Tolu and Semira have said.

So let go on to the app and its interface. Tolu what do you think about the app and how it functions, Its interface.

Tolu: For the interface, I think it’s quite direct and straight forward, but I don’t know, something doesn’t just sit right with me concerning the interface. I really can’t place my hands on it yet. But it’s… I don’t know, there’s just something about the interface that when get into the app, it’s not… probably, its just not well arranged… I really can’t say, I am not just feeling it. It’s not all bad but…I can’t still place my hands on it.

Semira: Well, I will say, I am actually quiet pleased with it. I feel it has a very clean interface and you get to see all the features at a glance and the icons obviously very, very relatable. So for me, I think it’s fine and I also think it’s smart that they have a very small banner for ads to run, that can be an added source of revenue for them.

So I think for me, it works fine. I’ve seen lots of other apps that i’m not quite satisfied with their interfaces, but I think this is fine.

Christiana: Okay, for me, like Semira has said i like the interface a lot. I think it’s very user friendly, very easy to use, you don’t need to be a tech expert to be able to use the app. Its very easy to use, the only problem I have is when you are using the service, the O-ride service and you need to put some money in your wallet before you can pay a driver. I think it’s a very complicated process.

Semira: Well, I’ll say, because the experience people have had with Gokada which is one of their competitors, how they say some of the Gokada’s turn off the app and they just hail them and they collect the cash directly from riders and they don’t pass any of that money to the company. I think this is a smart way for them to actually ensure all the revenue that comes in from this app goes straight into their pockets. I think its smart, and to be honest, if you already know this how the system works, you just have to top up your wallet and it just makes it easy for you to move.

Christiana: As a business its smart but as a user, it’s a very complicated and stressful process.

Tolu: I would agree with Christiana because I have had the experience once and I remember when the driver ends the trip, you will also have to on your end, you also have to approve and you have to go through that process and at that particular point the network was down, so I couldn’t leave neither could I pay, I couldn’t approve the payment. So I was stuck there for a while. What the driver told me is that he wouldn’t be able to take cash because its going to affect him. So that I think there’s a problem with.

Christiana: Yes… I also think its very slow, when I was downloading the app before I could see….

Semira: Could it be your internet.

Christiana: It can’t be my internet I was connected to Wifi

Semira: Could it be your Wifi? I don’t think it’s the app

Christiana: No… before I could receive the code, it was

Tolu: Yes they need to work on that… the one time Password

Christiana: Yes OTP, it was very slow so… I think they need to work on that. So we are going to move to their marketing strategy. Tolu what do you think about the marketing strategy.

Tolu: Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! The best so far I have seen when it comes to this logistics business. I think the first month I am not really certain but I think the first month, where ever you are going to, a hundred naira, do you know how affordable that its? No matter the distance and I think there some form of safety, you have your safety gear on and I think it’s amazing for a hundred naira and no matter where you are going to within Lagos… Come on…

Then the second month, two hundred naira. I think it’s just a way to create awareness. So even after the price goes back which I am not sure if it has gone back to the normal price, you have Opay as the next option when you want to book a ride, when you want to make deliveries. It’s a way to make your business linger in people’s minds after the whole promo. So I think its really amazing.

Christiana: Alright, Semira

Semira: I thought that was actually brilliant, I am sure they have a big big big budget for their marketing. Obviously, they were doing lamppost, they were doing billboards, lots of digital marketing. I thought it was very aggressive, my only concern is, is the business making enough to really float after the whole aggressiveness and awareness. You’ll have lots of businesses that will spend so much on their marketing and they won’t really be selling their unique selling proposition and its more of selling you know, use us now, this is the now and then not thinking about the long term of the business. I think it’s really good aggressively I just hope they are making enough money for the business to float after the aggressive marketing.

Christiana: I agree with Tolu, I love the marketing strategy, as Semira said, very aggressive. I don’t think I knew about Opay 2 or 3 months back but now I hear it everywhere. So I think the marketing strategy was very good and very aggressive. As Semira raised concerns about their business floating but as a user, it’s really none of my business. I got to enjoy a hundred naira to everywhere in Lagos for delivery and transportation, so thank you very much Opay for that. My final question is, do you think this business is something that’s going to be here for a long time like Uber and Taxify?

Tolu: For now yes, but in the long run I am not sure, I don’t know.

Semira: For me, if you are talking about the Opay app… I am going to be lynched for it but if you are talking about the Opay app, yes I agree it will stay but I personally don’t buy into the idea of motorcycles so, I am sorry if its for a delivery service, yes it can be great but for anything else transportation, I hope it doesn’t stay. Thank you

Christiana: Okay… I think it just depends on management because for positioning, they have positioned themselves well, for marketing, they have marketed well also. For services, they have great services, their app is okay and obviously, they will update it later in future. But for now, it just has to do with management. But for now, I would say its an app which is here to say.

So if you have used the Opay app and you want to comment below, you want to talk about it to also review it, please leave a comment below. Thank you Tolu, Thank you Semira for coming in today and I thank our listeners for also listening. Thank you.


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