Nollywood Solicits Bollywood’s Technology to Boost Brand Equity


The Nigerian government recently asked India to support its film industry with technology. According to the Nigerian government, they want Bollywood to support Nollywood with its technology to help the brand boost its brand equity. Nollywood admires the quality of movies made in Bollywood and would like to replicate that same quality. They hope that technology from Bollywood will improve the quality of films produced in the country and reposition the industry.

Nollywood Solicits Bollywood’s Technology to Boost Brand Equity

Nollywood Speaks about the Request

Minister of Information and Culture Alhaji Lai Mohammed spoke about the request. He commended Bollywood calling it probably the biggest film industry in the world closely followed by Nollywood. Mohammed stated that though they are proud of the Nigerian film industry in terms of content, there’s still a need to do more in the area of technicality and technology. This is the area they will like to concentrate on in their bilateral relationship.

Mohammed explained that he wants India to give Nigeria the opportunity to train not just their budding producers and film directors and cinematographers. But they also want India to stretch its hands of friendship to their Film Corporation, especially the Film College in Jos so that they can improve the technical quality of their films. He required help from India to build the capacity of Nigerian cultural leaders, as well as scholarships for Nigerians in areas related to culture.

Bollywood Speaks on the Request

Ambassador Thakur spoke about the request made to Bollywood by Nigeria. He declared that the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is organising outreach visits for a small group of Nigerian journalists to expose them to specific commercial events in Africa, India, to extend ties between the two countries.


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