Nimbus Media Ready to Begin Production of Digital Screens in Nigeria


Nimbus Media Ready recently announced that they are ready to begin production of digital screens in Nigeria. Nimbus Media is one of the leading Nigerian in-door advertising firms. They have recently revealed that they are already working out plans to start full-scale manufacturing of digital display screens for the Nigerian market. According to Nimbus Media, doing this will further enhance the digitalisation process of the Nigerian outdoor advertising sector.

Nimbus Media Ready to Begin Production of Digital Screens in Nigeria

Nimbus Media Ready to Begin Production of Digital Screens in Nigeria

The announcement was made by the Managing Director/CEO of the agency, Tayo Osikoya. He made the announcement during an event launch of the agency’s set of digitalized screen tech at the Ikeja Mall in Lagos.  During the announcement, Osikoya took the public through the journey that led to making the decision. He shared that in the past, Nimbus Media has invested so much in procuring foreign digital screen tech. It was so expensive that they had to make payments through periodic subscriptions.

The agency has now entered into a partnership arrangement with some foreign digital technology developers. The partnership will enable the agency to begin locally manufacture this type of tech. They believe this will avoid continued cost wastage on foreign exchange payments. It will also benefit brand owners and the advertising industry at large. Nimbus Media predicts that the manufacturing process will fully commence in the next year and a half.

Nimbus Media Speaks on the Decision

Managing Director Tayo Osikoya spoke about the agency’s decision to begin production of Digital screens in Nigeria. He talked about how even though it will cost a lot of money to develop this kind of technology, they believe it is a worthwhile investment because it won’t just benefit the agency. But it will benefit the whole advertising industry as a whole, especially in-door and outdoor advertising agencies.

Osikoya also shared that the decision will also add value to brands because it comes at no massive extra cost. He also talked about how the company likes to improve on their offerings. He shared that their digital screens will come as part of their normal offering.


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