Nike’s New ‘Dream With Us’ Spot Highlights Women’s Athletics


Nike recently released a spot titled ‘Dream With Us’, the spot is the latest instalment to the brand’s iconic ‘Just Do It’ campaign. The ‘Dream With Us’ spot features the members of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team. The ‘Dream With US’ spot also features Academy Award-winning actress Viola Davis as a narrator. Nike’s latest ad provides a strong message for female empowerment.

Nike’s New ‘Dream With Us’ Spot Highlights Women's Athletics

About Nike’s Dream With US Spot

In the ‘Dream With Us’ spot, we see young female’s athletes from different sports walk out of locker rooms and stadium tunnel. They walk out to support the soccer team, apart from the young athletes, we see professional athletes in the ad. We see gymnast Gabrielle Douglas, basketball players Sue Bird and Elena Della Donne and skateboard Lacey Baker. They all walk out with the young female athletes to watch the women’s soccer team play.

As they are walking out of the locker room and stadium tunnel, we hear Viola Davis narrating and asking the viewers and the girls what their dreams are. She says “What’s your dream — to win championships, a scholarship? Do you want to be a bigger athlete than Serena Williams? Or do you want to be the first girl to play for the Yankees?” “Can you be the generation to end gender inequality? Will you show that champions in your sport can look like you? “

The video reaches its climax when a young girl in a soccer uniform stares up into the eyes of soccer star Mallory Pugh. She is dressed in her own gear as she takes the field in a packed stadium. “But the craziest dream of all is the one that starts a million more,” Viola Davis says, as the words “Dream with us” roll across the screen.

The ad is being released ahead of the soccer team’s play at this summer’s tournament in France. It will be rolled out on TV and Nike’s social media accounts. Out-of-home ads were also placed in the lead-up to the spot’s TV debut.

Video of Nike’s Dream with us

Nike A Voice for Female Empowerment

This is not Nike’s first ad that has female empowerment as its central theme. Earlier this year, Serena Williams feature in the brand’s “Dream Crazier” ad. In the ad, she challenged the dismissive stereotypes of female athletes and encouraged them to dream crazier.


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