Nigerian Federal Government Partner with Coderina to Introduce Robotics and Coding in Schools


The Nigerian Federal Government recently announced that it will be partnering with Coderina to introduce robotics, coding and project-based learning. FG will be working on through the Federal Ministry of Education for this project (FMOE). They will bring robotics, coding and project-based learning to all Federal Government schools in the country.

Nigerian Federal Government Partner with Coderina to Introduce Robotics and Coding in Schools
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About the FMOE and Coderina project

FMOE will be working together with Coderina to bring Robotics and Coding to different Federal Government Schools in the six geopolitical zones in Nigeria. They have already selected a number of schools across the six geopolitical zones. These school will acts as testing sites, to ensure that the program can be scaled up across the country. Teachers from the selected schools have already been trained, the training was said to be very hands-on and experiential. The training was held in Abuja for two days, it started on the 24th of October.

In a statement about the programme, the Permanet Secretary of The Federal Ministry of Education Sonny Echono spoke about ICT and how it has changed the dynamics of the world. He said that an ICT has become a major driver of competiiveness in todays world. Echono spoke about how ICT has redefined efficiency and productivity. He explained that this knowledge of how ICT is changing the world drove the decision to add Robotics and Coding to the curriculum.  He also spoke about the partnership with Coderina, he says that he belives that the partnership with Coderina will bring great improvements to the educational sector.

Robotics and Coding is an Important Subject Every Child Should learn

Robotics and coding is a very important subject every child should learn because of how the world is evolving.  The world has evolved a lot and ICT is playing a major role in this evolution. ICT underlies practically everything, it underlises business, marketing, aviation, science and medicine and so much more. Learning robotics and coding will better position students to conquer this new ICT driven world. Coding and robotic also help students develop other skills like problem solving, collaborative, critical thinking and creative skills.

About Coderina

Coderina Education is a technology foundation that seeks the advancement of computer science and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) education. They provide technical and vocational training to teachers in the ICT field.


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