Nigeria Shines in Emirates New campaign


Emirates recently launched a new campaign which aims to celebrate the African spirit. The campaign will be telling the stories of different new generation African disrupters from different parts of the continent. These African disrupters are making their mark globally across music, fashion, arts and literature. Emirates new campaign celebrates the cultural renaissance taking over Africa. The campaign involves short films featuring each of these African disrupters. One of the African disrupters featured in the airlines latest campaign is Nigerian CEO and Publishers Abiola Oke. In the short film starring Abiola Oke, he talks about the new Nigeria.

Nigeria Shines in Emirates New campaign

About the Emirates New Campaign and the Short Film Featuring Abiola Oke

Each of the short films used in this campaign was produced by the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). Emirates’ short film tells the stories of each of the African disrupters. They all share a common passion to bring their global exposure and influences to their own local journeys, as they discover what it means to be ‘home’.

In the first short film launched, we meet Abiola Oke, who left New York and a career on Wall Street to return to his hometown Lagos, Nigeria. He is the CEO and Publisher of OkayAfrica, a digital media platform. OkayAfrica is dedicated to African music, film, culture and entertainment. His short film highlights his achievements while amplifying the energy and rich potentials of Nigeria and Africa.

Video of Abiola Oke – Africa soars with Abiola Oke | Emirates Airline


Emirates and BBC Speak on the Campaign

Boutrous Boutros the Divisional Senior Vice President of Corporate communication, marketing and brands in Emirates spoke about the campaign. He talked about how impossible it is to ignore the energy and talent coming out of Africa today in various sectors. Sectors like music, fashion, art and sport. He talked about how the world is seeing a greater awareness of a strong and proud African identity while being very connected to a broad, global culture.  Boutros stated that the airline wanted to join the conversation. They want to celebrate the amazing, inspiring stories of people constantly pushing boundaries and challenging African stereotypes.

Boutrous also talked about the similarities between what the campaign is trying to do and travel. Stating that the common ground is that they both help people connect and be curious.

Richard Pattinson, Head of BBC StoryWorks also spoke about the campaign. He stated that the new series taps into the deep creative strength of the BBC to deliver a campaign that will capture the attention of their extensive and premium audiences in a way that no other publisher can.


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