Nicola Spirig Says You Can Have It All in Latest Ad for ON


Nicola Spirig, the Swiss Olympic gold medalist, lawyer and mother says you can have it all in the ON’s latest ad. Many believe that to be a successful athlete or professional you have to sacrifice things like family. This believe is stronger for female athletes and professionals. They believe you can’t be at the top of your game as an athlete or professional and successfully raise a family. Women usually believe you have to choose one, either be successful or raise a family. Well, Nicola Spirig proves that belief is wrong because she already has it all.

Nicola Spirig Says You Can Have It All in Latest Ad for ON

Nicola Spirig Says You Can Have It All in Latest Ad for ON

The Swiss Olympic gold medalist stars in running shoe and apparel brand ON’s ad. In the spot, Nicola Spirig perfectly blends power and humility. The spot is very inspirational and can be described as a mini-biopic of the star. The spot is about 3 minutes long and it chronicles both her lifelong drive to push her own limits and the joys she finds outside of competition (her family). Nicola Spirig spot was directed by veteran creative director Andy Fackrell.

Unlike other athletic spots which are usually more intense. This ad uses a softer and accessible approach to tell the story. Her excitement of the triathlon and her successes set the tone for the spot. But it also focuses on her personal life like her family. In the ad, she says “Sport is my passion. Family is my love,” “It’s a huge privilege to combine both.”


Andy Fackrell Speaks about the Ad

Fackrell talked about how though he had worked for big sports brands like Nike and Adidas, this was his first time working with an athlete who is also a mother of three and has been competing at her level for 20 years. He stated that the reason she is so good is more than simple talent. According to him, being a mother made her more determined and focused. He talked about how she may well be the greatest endurance athlete in the world. Fackrell also talked about how on top of her many achievements she is still a lawyer. He stated that all these things make her deserving of being called super frau.

ON Speaks about the Ad

Olivier Bernhard, co-founder of the Swiss sportswear company spoke about the ad and the brand. He says “Family is our No. 1 mantra, and we encourage all our sponsored athletes–male and female–to pursue their dreams, both as a parent and as a sporting career professional”. “We want our athletes to perform at their optimum level and uninhibited, knowing they have the full support of their sponsor throughout their professional career and even into retirement.”

ON’s stance is very unique considering that, according to an ESPN survey of professional athletes who are also mothers, 41% said that their income decreased after returning to sports.


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