New Zealand Christchurch Attack Aftermath: Brands Suspend Ads on Facebook and Google


After the recent New Zealand Christchurch attack, many New Zealand brands are suspending their ads on Facebook and Google. According to The New Zealand Herald, a lot of brands are banding together to stand against the harm caused by unmodulated content. By pulling their ads from these platforms, the brands are hoping to encourage tech companies to take action. So as to maybe avoid what happened at the New Zealand Christchurch attack.

About the Brand Boycott of Facebook and Google by New Zealand Brands

As a result of the New Zealand Christchurch attack, The Association of New Zealand Advertisers and the Commercial Communications Council issued a statement. In the statement, they called on brands to think about where they are spending their advertising dollars. The Association of New Zealand Advertiser and Commercial Communication Council challenged Facebook and other tech platform owners to take action. They urged the platforms to immediately take steps that will effectively moderate hate content. They want them to take these steps before another tragedy like the New Zealand Christchurch attack can be streamed online again. The Association of New Zealand Advertisers and the Commercial Communications Council plans to work with advertisers, agencies, platform owners and global partners to figure out what else can be done.

They also questioned the role ad-funded social media played in the shooting. They spoke about how brands are already asking if they want to be associated with social media platforms unable or unwilling to take responsibility for the content on their sites. According to the statement, after the New Zealand Christchurch attack brands are asking a lot of questions. They are wondering that if the site owners can target consumers with advertising in microseconds. Why can’t the same tech be applied to prevent this kind of content being streamed live?

More Details from the New Zealand Brand Boycott of Facebook and Google

According to reports, brands like Kiwibank, ANZ Bank New Zealand, Lotto New Zealand and banking company Bank of New Zealand have pulled their advertising for Facebook and Google. It is yet to be revealed how long the boycott will last. It is also unclear if the International community will be joining the New Zealand brands to boycott these platforms. Facebook and Google are also yet to make a statement about the boycott.


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