New York Times Launches First NYT Cooking Campaign


The New York Times just recently launched its first ever brand marketing campaign for its food vertical NYT Cooking. NYT Cooking campaign was created by the New York brand team and the brand’s creative agency Gretel.  The NYT cooking campaign aims to answer the age-old questions “What to Cook.”

New York Times Launches First NYT Cooking Campaign

About the NYT Cooking Campaign

The NYT cooking campaign started on the 22nd of January and it plans to run for 4 weeks.  It features 15 and 30-second spots, which will run across digital, online video, social media and display ads. The TV spots will run across channels like CNN, HGTV, Comedy Central and Bravo. Like it was said earlier the NYT cooking campaign aims to answer the simple question “What to Cook?” The campaign will target a wide range of cooks regardless of their skill. The NYT cooking campaign plans to take a lighter and more fun approach to how the New York Times tells its story.

 New York Times promises that the campaign will still have the same quality reporting that its readers have come to expect. According to Allison Asher, NYT Cooking marketing lead the campaign will bring a message to life. It will bring a message to life through their “delicious, tested and interesting” recipes instead of other areas of the Time Journalism. The campaign hopes to highlight their catalogue of 19,000 recipes and food journalism. It will also offer advice and inspiration for meals for every occasion. New York Times hopes this campaign will introduce more people to the platform while also showcasing the value of subscribing to it.

About NYT Cooking

It is a subscription offering platform from The New York Times. It is a digital, cross-platform cooking service. The platform helps users discover the world’s best recipes, save and organize their cooking life. It serves as an approachable guide in the kitchen. The platform cost about $40 a year or $5 every four weeks.  Users can find curated recipe collections and more than 40 cooking guides.

Users have access to about 19,000 curated recipes from Times journalists, including Food editor Sam Sifton, Melissa Clark, Julia Moskin, Tejal Rao, Alison Roman, Mark Bittman, Craig Claiborne, Kim Severson, Molly O’Neill and Ruth Reichl. The platform also contains recipes published on the food section of New York Times are found on this platform.


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