New York and London Ranked the World’s Best Cities for Marketers


Accenture recently released a report which looked at the world’s best cities for marketers. The report looked at which of the cities are conducive and creative hubs for marketers. The world’s best cities for marketers report revealed that New York and London are the top two best cities. They took the first and second spots respectively. The world’s best cities for marketers report also revealed that Singapore was the top city for the Asia Pacific region.

New York and London Ranked the World’s Best Cities for Marketers

About Accenture’s World’s Best Cities for Marketers Report

The world’s best cities for marketers report by Accenture was commissioned by the Singapore government’s Economic Development Board (EDB). The report sought to establish Singapore’s current offering for marketers. It also wanted to establish what future marketers will need from the cities they are based in.

Some Details from the Report

To create the report, Accenture polled over 250 marketers. The report revealed that out of the 250 marketers polled and of those headquartered in Singapore, 62% chose the city as their current marketing hub because of the access to a diverse range of talent. 92% of marketers who were polled which had a largely globally centralized and regionalized marketing organization functions’ would consider relocating to Singapore. The study also asked chief marketing officers about the challenges they face in being able to meet targets and objectives over the coming years. It revealed that the majority of chief marketing officers were confident about hitting these, with just 1% answering that they were not prepared to deliver on objectives.

In the report, Accenture offered advice to chief marketing officers. They asked the officers to prioritize talent and diverse teams. Accenture also advised that they in invest in technology and that they regionalize strategic thinking.

The Top 10 World’s Best Cities for Marketers

  1. New York (8.60 points)
  2. London (8.05 points)
  3. San Francisco (7.73 points)
  4. Chicago (7.47 points)
  5. Amsterdam (6.91 points)
  6. Singapore (6.91 points)
  7. Sydney (6.77 points)
  8. Hong Kong (6.53 points)
  9. Tokyo (6.16 points)
  10. Shanghai (5.4 points).



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