New Study by OAAA Reveals that OOH Amplifies All Other Major Media by +90%


OAAA recently published a study that it commissioned on OOH. The study was conducted by MRI|Simmons and it revealed that OOH amplifies all other major media by +90%. The study showed that OOH can amplify the reach of every other major media channel to more than 90 per cent. According to the report, OOH adds the greatest reach to heavy users of other media, particularly users of digital video services.

New Study by OAAA Reveals that OOH Amplifies All Other Major Media by +90%

About the Latest Report on OOH

The report found adding OOH to digital video platform advertising amplifies the exposure and can double, triple, or quadruple the audience reached. Here’s what the study revealed:

Media Reach + OOH
Video streaming +132%
TV or movie smartphone/tablet apps +226%
Downloading/streaming on cell or smartphone +306%
Mobile video viewing +340%


For the OAAA study, they profiled OOH viewers in general and those with heavy OOH viewership. They examined over 22,000 US adults (ages 18 – 64) who had driven or ridden in a car in the past week. The analysis was supplemented by an online study of ad awareness in movie theatres among 2,400 adults (ages 18-64). Here’s some of what they found:

  • According to the study, the general OOH audience represents 93% of adults.
  • The general OOH audience spends the most time engaging with mobile phones (13.5 hours), compared to other media channels
  • The heavy OOH audience spends even more time on mobile phones and work PCs
  • It revealed that the heavy OOH audience has higher levels of education, employment, and household income

OAAA Speaks on the Study

OAAA  President & CEO Anna Bager spoke about the study. He stated that the audiences exposed to OOH are digitally savvy and on the go. They are receptive to advertising and engage across multiple media. He explained that by adding OOH to a media mix exponentially grows exposure and audience, and this new analysis tells us exactly which media benefit the most. Bager also added that the connection between OOH and digital media is undeniable. He talked about how we are a mobile society constantly connected through our devices and exposure to OOH can boost engagement with those devices and other media.

You can read the full report here.


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