Nestlé Launches First Plant-Based Soluble Coffees


Nestlé recently announced that it will be launching the first-plant based soluble coffees. The beverage brand announced a new range of Nescafé Gold lattes crafted with plant-based ingredients. These lattes are the first-ever non-dairy soluble coffee lattes. They have already been certified by the Vegan Society as suitable for people with a vegan diet.

Nestlé Launches First Plant-Based Soluble Coffees

Nestlé Launches First Plant-Based Soluble Coffees

The new premium Nescafé Gold non-dairy lattes are made with almond, oat and coconut perfectly blended with 100% Arabica coffee beans. The 100% Arabica coffees have been specially crafted to mix perfectly with the plant-based ingredients. It mixes perfectly with the plant-based ingredient to create smooth creamy tasting lattes. Another added advantage of Nestlé’s new range is that each mug contains a source of calcium.  With this new range, vegans and other consumers will continue to enjoy the high-quality Nescafé coffee experience they expect from Nescafé. These new vegan lattes will complement the existing range of 17 Nescafé Gold frothy coffees

Nestle’s latest Gold latte range was created to help meet the growing consumer demand for plant-based and non-dairy in the UK. The product will be initially launched in the UK and Ireland. It will eventually be rolled out in several markets across Asia, Europe, Latin America and Oceania. They will exclusively be available in Tesco until February 2020.

Nestle Speaks on Its New Vegan Lattes

David Rennie, Head of Beverages Strategic Business Unit, Nestlé SA, spoke about the new range. He stated that the brand is delighted to bring new coffee experiences with the launch of their premium Nescafé Gold non-dairy lattes. He talked about how the iconic Nescafé brand continues to lead and embrace new coffee trends with their innovation

Neil Stephens, Head of the Nescafé business in the UK and Ireland also spoke about the new range. He talked about how their new premium Nescafé Gold frothy coffees bring the plant-based, non-dairy trend out of the coffee shop and into the home.  Stephens mentioned that their three delicious flavours, oat, almond and coconut are also vegan-friendly as well as being a source of calcium.

Stephens then talked about how Nescafé is the world’s favourite coffee and how the brand doesn’t take our position for granted.  The brand is quick to spot and embrace fast-moving coffee trends and tastes in this highly competitive and innovative market. He mentioned that the new range is the latest in a long list of innovations to bring new and exciting sensory experiences to their loyal Nescafé consumers.


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