Nespresso Commercial – Sends George Clooney on an Epic Quest


The Nespresso commercial called “The Quest” from McCann uses the star power of George Clooney and Natalie Dormer to create a great fantasy themed ad. “‘The Quest’ is about going above and beyond for the ultimate coffee experience, and is inspired by the work Nespresso does to ensure highest quality, sustainable coffee,” says Nespresso Global CMO Alfonso Gonzalez in a statement about the new campaign.

What Is This Nespresso Commercial About?

In this chivalric tale, we see George Clooney playing a brave Knight who slays a dragon. He is offered anything in the Kingdom by the queen who is played by Natalie Dormer who also played a queen on Game of Thrones. As you guessed all the brave knight (George Clooney) wants is a cup of Nespresso. The Nespresso commercial takes a page out of the animated movie “Enchanted” by bringing George Clooney into the real world to search for a cup of Nespresso.

Nespresso Commercial - Sends George Clooney on an Epic Quest

George Clooney And Natalie Dormers History With Nespresso

This ad is not George Clooney’s first ad for Nespresso. Their endorsement deals go back more than a decade. He has been the star of a lot of amazing Nespresso commercials. His first Nespresso commercial aired in 2006, the ad featured him as a cool, suave and sophisticated hunk. The storyline was a gentle self-mocking one where George overhears two women. The two beautiful women are talking about Nespresso coffee in a very flattering way. As he listens in on them, he assumes they are talking about him. He finally realizes his mistake and that was how the iconic punchline “Nespresso, what else?” was born.  This ad would be the first Nespresso commercial for Natalie Dormers.  In a statement about the ad, she spoke about much she enjoyed Nespresso coffee, describing her self a fan. She said, “I’m a big Nespresso fan, and my family thinks it is very apt I am doing this commercial.”

This ad is very entertaining and would definitely be a hit among a wide range of people. Game of Thrones fans will adore the ad, they would enjoy seeing Natalie Dormer play a queen again. The Nespresso commercial would also be a hit among George Clooney and fantasy fans.


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