NBCUniversal Entertainment Awards Media Business to Spark Foundry


Adweek recently reported that NBCUniversal Entertainment is sending its media business to Spark Foundry.  According to Adweek, the win for Spark Foundry comes after a very competitive review. The RFP for NBCUniversal Entertainment was issued earlier this year. In the RFP, encompassed campaigns that promote NBCUniversal’s primetime programming lineup.  According to Adweek sources, Spark Foundry will only be handling one-tenth of the total portfolio. NBCUniversal Entertainment is reported to be taking an unspecified portion of their work in-house. Before the review, WPP’s Essence handled the NBCUniversal Entertainment account. According to Adweek, Essense participated in the review as part of the GroupM network team.

NBCUniversal Entertainment Awards Media Business to Spark Foundry

Spark Foundry Handles NBCUniversal Entertainment Media Business

Reports say that Essence will continue to manage the majority of NBCUniversal’s ad buying business. This will include its broadcast, cable, film, ad sales, digital and owned stations divisions. Nothing has been revealed on why NBCUniversal Entertainment decided to place its media business under a review. The network regularly wins the rating game on the strength it shows. Some of the shows include This Is Us, The Voice and the three Chicago-themed drama series. Its 2018 profits also exceeded expectations.

Spark Foundry will be handling the account out of the agency’s New York and Los Angeles offices. This is a big win for the Publicis owned agency. Seeing as NBCUniversal spends over a $1billion in paid media across its divisions in the U.S each year. According to Kantar Media’s recent numbers, their total media spend was about $223 million for 2017.

 About Spark Foundry

Spark Foundry was established in 2017 and is an advertising agency that is relating to media selection services. Its headquarters is in New York City with offices also in Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Spark Foundry is part of Publicis Media agency networks. Some of their core competencies include Media planning, media buying, research, data analytics, digital media and communications planning. Spark Foundry’s notable clients include KFC, Audible and Southwest Airlines. The new assignment is the second win for the agency this month. Earlier, it was awarded global media duties for leather goods and accessory brand MCM Worldwide.


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