Nars Uses Phallic Instagram Ad to Push Its ‘Sex Positivity’ Brand Image


Nars recently launched an Instagram campaign and the campaign is raising a lot of eyebrows online. The campaign which is a video Instagram ad, shows lipstick melting (that doesn’t seem too bad right?) Well when the video is played in reverse, the melting lipstick looks like a part of the anatomy which is not often attached to its female consumer base.

About Nars’ New Phallic Instagram Ad

Nars’ new phallic Instagram ad is six-second long and it was created to showcase the creamy texture, finish and warm shade of Morocco. Morocco is one of 12 new editions of the brand’s line of ‘After Hours’ lipsticks. A close-up of the make-up melting from a phallic shape to a pristine lipstick is accompanied by the caption, ‘When the nudes keep you up all night. Reach the dawn with Morocco Lipstick, warm cinnamon’.

The video was created by Nars’ creative agency Baron  & Baron. Baron  & Baron worked with the Nars’ client’s internal marketing, copy and social media teams to create the Instagram video and other supporting campaigns for it’s After Hours lipsticks.


Public Response to Nars’ Phallic Instagram Ad

The Instagram video got a lot of attention from online users. They even captured the attention of celebrity influencers like Chrissy Teigen and Meghan McCain. They all commented on the video, a large number who commented on the video slammed it. Many thought the video was too explicit and many were unhappy with the company for sharing such explicit content.

This nature of the ad is not a big surprise for fans of the brand. Seeing as that this is just a visual manifestation of the brand’s image. For the 25 years, the brand has been in operations, they have been known to use a lot of provocative languages. The brand is known to champion sexual positivity and it can even be seen with how the brand names its products. Its products carry names such as Orgasm, The Multiple and Climax (‘Never Fake it’).


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