Naomi Osaka Sends a Pointed Message to Media in New Nike Campaign


Nike just recently released a new ad, staring one of its global ambassadors, World number one singles player Naomi Osaka. In the ad, Naomi Osaka sends a pointed message to the very inquisitive media. Ever since she became the World number one singles player she has been under a lot of scrutiny from the media. She is the first ever Japanese player to win a Grand Slam singles tournament and is also the first Asian player to hold the top ranking in singles. Her success has led to a global obsession and a lot of queries into her personal life.

Naomi Osaka Sends a Pointed Message to Media in New Nike Campaign

Naomi Osaka is biracial player, from Haitian and Japanese descent and in Japan she is known as a Hafus. Hafus are not widely accepted by the Japanese public as a standard of beauty. This has caused the Japanese media to be extra intrusive and she has been the centre of some racial related controversy. For example, a Japanese instant noodles brand Nissin depicted her as a light-skinned cartoon character. This led to a lot of outcries and a lot turned to Osaka to hear her views on the matter. In Nike’s latest ad, Osaka is sending a message to the media.

About Nike’s New ad with Naomi Osaka

In the sports brand new ad, we see the tennis star playing on the court while different questions are hurled at her. The questions are both in English and in Japanese. The questions include “Who’s your biggest rival?”, “Are you a hard-court specialist?” and “Do you consider yourself Japanese or American?”  “What are you going to buy with your prize money?”, “Can you answer in Japanese?” and “Will you eat katsudon again today?”

The video ends with the tennis star, who is getting ready to serve for another set, turning to the camera and putting her finger to her lips and saying “Shhhh.” The message “Don’t change yourself. Change the world” is shown on screen.
Video of Nike Presents: NAOMI OSAKA 大坂なおみ – QUESTION / RETURN

Public Reactions to the Ad

According to SoraNews24, the ad has been received very positively. They say it garnered positive reactions from the Japanese public. Many of the Japanese public empathized with her and called on the Japanese media to have more respect for her as an elite sportswoman.


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