Mouka Partners with MOLFIX to Provide Babies with Quality Sleep


Mouka recently announced that they would be partnering with MOLFLIX to provide babies with quality sleep. The partnership between the two brands seems to be a very smart choice, seeing as Mouka is Nigeria’s foremost manufacturer of mattress and other bedding products while MOLFIX is Nigeria’s number 1 selling baby diaper brand. The partnership between the two brands sees two strong brands coming together to provide the ultimate best for their individual customers.

Mouka Partners with MOLFIX to Provide Babies with Quality Sleep

About Mouka and MOLFLIX’s Partnership

The partnership between the two brands comes in the form of a promotion. MOUKA is giving any parent who buys Mouka Dreamtime Baby Mattresses, a free pack of MOLFIX diapers. The promotional offer will be available on, select supermarkets and Mouka Sleep Galleries. It will last from July 29, 2019, to an undisclosed date. According to the brand, the offer will be valid until stock lasts. The partnership and the promotional offer was created to provide babies with quality sleep. The two brands believe that the combination of these two great products will allow babies to have a restful night sleep. A restful night sleep for babies will result in an equally restful night sleep for parents. With the promotion, everyone wins, the brands, parents and babies.

About the Products

Mouka Dreamtime Baby mattress is a special mattress specially crafted to provide babies with the ultimate resting experience. It is made with a special fabric that is water-resistant yet breathable. This ensures that the baby’s body remains cool and comfortable through the night. MOLFIX baby diapers is a reputable diaper brand which is specially designed to assure a baby’s comfort.

Mouka Speaks about the Partnership with MOFLIX

The Senior Brand and Innovation Manager of Mouka Limited, Jide Odelola spoke about the partnership. He stated that the partnership is strategic and targeted at parents, with a view to providing their babies with the ultimate solution to aid quality sleep for optimal brain development. Odelola explained that science proves that most of a baby’s brain development occurs during sleep.  He then talked about how a lack of quality sleep can cause bigger problems down the road. He listed some of these problems, some of these problems include cognitive issues and developmental delays. Odelola explained that the knowledge of these facts inspired the brand to advocate quality sleep across all ages especially in babies and young children.


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