Mouka Launches ‘Comfort A Home Initiative’ To Celebrate 60th Anniversary


Mouka, a leading manufacturer of mattresses and other bedding products in Nigeria is celebrating its 60th Anniversary. This is a huge milestone for the brand and in an effort to celebrate the huge milestone, the brand launched an initiative. Mouka’s new initiative is called ‘Comfort A Home Initiative”. The ‘Comfort a Home Initiative’ is geared toward bringing comfort to many Nigerians.

Mouka Launches ‘Comfort A Home Initiative’ To Celebrate 60th Anniversary

Mouka Launches ‘Comfort A Home Initiative’ To Celebrate the 60th Anniversary

Mouka’s ‘Comfort A Home Iniatiatve’ is part of the brands Corporate Social Responsibility. With the initiative, the brand is seeking to “comfort” homes with free donations of Mouka branded mattresses. This is the brand’s way of giving back to its community as they celebrate their 60th anniversary. The initiative will see the general public nominating homes they believe deserve to be “comforted “with donations of free Mouka mattresses.

How to send in a Nomination for Mouka’s ‘Comfort A Home Initiative’

For people who would like to send in nominations for the ‘Comfort A Home Initiative’, here’s how to do it:

  1. Participants are required to write a compelling essay of not more than 200 words stating why the family or home deserves the Mouka mattresses.
  2. They should add the name, phone number(s) and address of the home/family being nominated.
  3. All entries should be sent to

Please note: The entry window for nominations closes on the 31st October 2019 after which a panel will judge the nominations and select 60 homes. Winners will be announced on Mouka social media platforms.

About Mouka

The brand was founded in 1959 when the scion of the Faiz Moukarim family started the Moukarim Metalwood factory in Kano to manufacture furniture and iron beds. Through its 60 years of operating in Africa’s largest economy, they have established over 1,000 branded outlets nationwide and has remained the first choice mattress brand for millions of Nigerians.


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