Morningmorphosis: ‘Become the Morning Person You’re Not’ by Ikea and Ogilvy


Ikea recently launched a new campaign with Ogilvy titled Morningmorphosis. The morningmorphosis campaign aims to inspire people to become the morning person there aren’t.  With the campaign, Ikea is trying to help customers create living spaces that are so peaceful and organized that it turns them into morning people. For the morningmorphosis campaign, Ikea collaborated with creative agency Ogilvy New York. They worked to produce a collection of very humorous 15- second spots. The 15-second spots highlight the power of having the right furniture and how it can help you become a morning person.

Morningmorphosis: ‘Become the Morning Person You’re Not’ by Ikea and Ogilvy

About the Morningmorphosis Campaigns

For the morningmorphosis campaign, Ikea and Ogilvy released 4 15-second spots. Each spot uses humour to depict how the right furniture can help you to become a morning person. The spots were directed by O Positive’s Jess Coulter. The four spots in the morningmorphosis campaign are titled big breakfast, stealthy exit, work out and nice hair.

Big Breakfast

This spot focuses on a couple name Kate and Joe. The spot illustrates how since they have been sleeping on a better mattress (an Ikea Mattress), Joe has now become into making everyone’s morning easier. He served his wife breakfast in bed, made the kid’s lunch and made himself a mixtape.

Video of Big Break fast by Ikea

Stealthy Exit

This second spot on the morningmorphosis campaign, tells the story of Lisa. It shows us how Lisa stops herself from waking her partner up in the morning when she is getting ready. She uses the Ikea wardrobe to keep organized, plus the wardrobe has soft closing doors. She is able to make a “quiet” exit with the help of the furniture

Video of Stealthy exit by Ikea

Work out

This spot shows us how Ron is able to make it early for his daily workout. With the Ikea dresser, he is able to keep his work out equipment organized and able to get there early.

Video of Work out by Ikea

Nice Hair

In this spot, we see how Sarah with the help of her new Ikea mattress is able to get so much restful sleep.  That she is able to wake up with enough time and energy to discover that there’s shampoo for the shower.

Video of Nice hair by Ikea

The Morningmorphosis campaign is the latest in a shift in marketing that promotes healthy attitudes. Ikea released a campaign a few months again that aimed to awaken people to the benefits of a good night rest. They also released a spot titled the Night Club to encourage people to sleep better and longer. It is unclear if this campaign is part of the first campaign or is unrelated.


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