Morgan Martins: 5 Ways to Protect Your Brand and Avoid Million Dollar Errors


Morgan Martins recently shared an article titled 5 ways to protect your brand and avoid million-dollar errors on Adweek. Her insights were very important and full of pearls of wisdom. Morgan Martins talked about how the loss of consumer trust and brand value can lead to a loss in revenue. She sited Snapchat’s 2018 scandal, where the public protested against a Rihanna ad that appeared on the platform. The protest led to the platforms stock-taking an $800 million hit.

Morgan Martins: 5 Ways to Protect Your Brand and Avoid Million Dollar Errors

Morgan Martins then went on to explain how brands can escape such hits to their reputations. She stated that to avoid such situations, brands had to start from the earliest stages of asset creation. She then shared five key ways to ensure that an ad is brand safe before it gets to the consumers. On this post, we would be sharing a snippet of some of these five insights she shared. To read the full article, please click here.

About Morgan Martins

She is the marketing director for Adstream North America.  Martins is a Strategic B2B marketer and highly creative leader. She has over 15 years of experience in executing marketing and communications campaigns and strategies for Fortune 500 corporations, educational institutions, not-for-profit organizations and technology companies.

Morgan Martins: 5 Ways to Protect Your Brand and Avoid Million Dollar Errors

 Create a culture of collaboration

Fostering a team approach among key internal and external stakeholders ensures that the right people are in the room early on in the creative process. To avoid siloed information and miscommunication, establish stakeholder responsibilities and ownership at the very start of the process. Additionally, exploring and championing diversity can be the key to addressing potential issues with creative content before it hits the market.

 Keep track of your talent

Talent costs are more than just residuals—it can also include legal fees. Your talent needs to be a part of the data and information collection before, during and after the creative process. Remember, the talent you use is exposed to the same risks as your content. With different versions of creative being distributed to multiple endpoints, brands need to have a talent-centric view of their exposure. The use of unapproved or expired talent can mean a million-dollar disaster. To guarantee safety, brands must know which talent has been used and where. To read the full article, please click here.

Source: Ad Week


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