MillerCoors Claps Back to Bud Light’s Super Bowl Spot


Beef between Bud Light and MillerCoors started during the Super Bowl. The beef started when Bud Light decided to shade MillerCoors in its Super Bowl spot. Bud Light released 3 spots during the Super Bowl, the first spot took a direct shot at its competitor MillerCoors. In the spot, King Bud Light King received a large shipment of corn syrup in error. He then embarked on a quest to return the corn syrup to its rightful owner. The corn syrup was returned to the Kingdom of Miller and or Coors Light. MillerCoors refused to take this shade lightly, the brand has responded to Bud Light’s spot.

MillerCoors Claps Back to Bud Light’s Super Bowl Spot

How MillerCoors Responded to the Bud Light’s Super Bowl Spot

MillerCoors responded to Bud Light’s Super Bowl spot by taking out a full-page ad in the New York Times to address the “beer drinkers of America”. Working with DDB, the beer brand released a statement thanking Bud Light for making it clear that they don’t use corn syrup. They thanked their competitors for using their time and money to point out the fact that they use corn syrup to brew their larger. The beer brand then went further to explain that the corn syrup is what makes its larger taste better than its competitor. They then clearly explained that there is a huge difference between corn syrup and high-fructose corn syrup.

MillerCoors explained that corn syrup is a normal part of the brewing process and doesn’t end up in the great tasting Miller Lite. The statement ended with the beer brand stating that it was unfortunate that Bud Light started a controversy with their spot. They thanked them for giving them the chance to clarify the truth. MillerCoors then thanked Bud Light for giving them the opportunity to explain why their larger taste better than Bud Light and has fewer calories and half the carbs. The beer brand also issued a statement on the 4th of February clarifying the corn syrup controversy.

MillerCoors Claps Back to Bud Light’s Super Bowl Spot

MillerCoors Rep Speak on the Bud Light’s Super Bowl Spot

Gavin Hattersley, the brands Chief executive explained in a note to distributors that Bud Light is starting the fight because they are scared. He explained that Bud Light simply doesn’t have an answer to why Coors Light and Miller is encroaching into their market. Hattersley stated that they are getting under their skins and he stated that the brand is ready to take more of their market share. Bud Light is yet to respond to their clap back. What do you think about the beef? Please share your thoughts below



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