Millenials Trust Information on Websites More Than on Social Media, Says EXP Report


Exp, a leading pan-African experiential agency recently partnered with REACH technologies, a transaction informatics firm. They partnered up to unveil a Millenial brand-app, they also released a report. The EXP report revealed that Millenials have a higher level of trust for information emanating from websites than they do from information on social media.

Millenials Trust Information on Websites More Than on Social Media, Says EXP Report

 About the EXP Report

The EXP report is a multi-city millennial survey that was conducted to get the views of over 20 million urban Africans between the ages of 20 and 35. To conduct the study, EXP and REACH collated data from people in Lagos, Nairobi and Accra simultaneously. The EXP report leveraged the REACH transaction informatics platform to accurately identify and elicit input from young Africans. They were thousands of Millenials used as study samples, Lagos alone accounted for over 11,000 people studied. The EXP report covered such areas as aspirations, motivation, the share of wallet-income and expenditure, preferences, drive, etc.

Here’s What the EXP Report Revealed.

  • According to the report, Lagos Millenials still view websites as the most trusted and accurate information. This was indicated by 56% of Millenials stating that they trust information from websites. Social media and the other eight platforms shared the remaining percentage.
  • It also revealed that only 7% of Millenials believe that newspapers are trusted and give accurate information.
  • The report also revealed that Millenials depend on friends and social media when seeking counsel. According to the study, 74% of the people surveyed stated that will rather seek counsel from a parent or a family member than pastors (2%), friends (6%) or social media bloggers (1%).
  • The study revealed that social media bloggers, music celebrities and even pastors rank low on their radar of trust. This is a fact stated by the survey is a cause for concern for brands. Seeing as they is a rise in influencer marketing. Many brands are using social media bloggers and influencers to promote their brand and their message.

EXP Speaks on the Report

Lydia Parker, the Business Development Director for EXP Ghana spoke about the report at an event. She talked about why the study is important, seeing as marketing to millennials is very different from marketing to the older generation. She talked about how the study was carried out to better understand them. They wanted to know what is important to them and what influences their buying habits. They believe that study can help brands who have Millenials has their target audience better market and engage to them.


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