Men Have Skin Too: Old Spice Launches New Campaign with Deon Cole


Old Spice recently launched a new collection called Fresher Collection. To celebrate and promote the collection, Old Spice is launching a new campaign called Men Have Skin Too. Deon Cole is the face for the Men Have Skin Too campaign. The campaign was created by Wieden + Kennedy Portland agency.

Men Have Skin Too: Old Spice Launches New Campaign with Deon Cole

About the Men Have Skin Too Spot

To promote the Men Have Skin Too campaign, Old Spice released a spot. The spot starred Old Spice’s new global ambassador Deon Cole and Gabrielle Dennis. The spot is titled Running on empty, it was released on the 20th of January. In the sport, Deon Cole appears in a bathrobe and asks to talk to his partner who is played by Gabrielle Dennis. Deon Cole confronts his partner for always using his beloved body wash. They argue about it and she says “All I wanted was to use your body wash” and he replies “All I wanted was to have a body wash, men have skin too”. The spot is funny and like the whole campaign draw attention to the fact that men also want to have good and healthy skin.

Video: Running on Empty, Old Spice

What to Expect From the Men Have Skin Too Campaign

P&G’s Men Have Skin Too campaign for Old Spice is playing off the assumption that guys not only want to smell fresh. Guys also want and deserve grooming products with real ingredients and benefits like moisturization and exfoliation. The Men Have Skin Too campaign will have 3 spots, the other two spots will be released in early February. They will be released on the Old Spice YouTube channel. All the spots will feature Deon Cole and Gabrielle Dennis, also NFL player Thomas Q. Jone and Comedian Keraun Harris will also make cameo appearances.

P&G and Deon Cole Speak on the Campaign and New Collection

Matt Krehbiel the Old Spice Associate Brand Director spoke about the campaign and Deon Cole.  He said that the brand has scoured the earth for the world’s best ingredients, to place in their products.  He also stated that they have also scoured the earth to find the perfect Old Spice guy. Krehbiel stated the brand is excited to welcome Deon Cole to their family. He sang Deon Cole’s praise, calling him talented and hilarious. Krehbiel said his quick wit and big personality will fit perfectly with the type of humour fans will expect from Old Spice.

Deon Cole also spoke about the campaign, stating that it is an honour to join the famous group of Old Spice Guys, seeing as he grew up using Old Spice. He also said that “ As the newest Old Spice Guy, the first thing I’m sharing is that men have skin, too, and the new Fresher Collection delivers real freshness forged with real ingredients that we can call our own. You’re smellcome, man.”




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