McDonald’s Taps Weiden + Kennedy New York as Its New Lead Creative Agency in the U.S.


McDonald’s USA recently tapped Weiden + Kennedy New York as its new lead creative agency in the US. The appointment comes after an agency review. According to the fast-food brand, the review revealed that they would benefit from an additional creative horsepower to build deeper connections with customers and drive re-appraisal of the brand. Before the appointment Wieden+Kennedy New York,  Omnicom handled the account. They won the account in 2016 and created a bespoke agency, We Are Unlimited, to handle the McDonald’s business.

McDonald’s Taps Weiden + Kennedy New York as Its New Lead Creative Agency in the U.S.

McDonald’s and We Are Unlimited

In the statement released by the fast-food chain, the appointment comes after an extensive evaluation of its marketing agency model to support current and future growth with innovative and creative brand-building campaigns. The brand stated that it will continue to work with We Are Unlimited on some assignments. We are Unlimited will continue to support the brand with a “focus on operational excellence”.

McDonald’s Taps Weiden + Kennedy New York as Its New Lead Creative Agency in the U.S.

McDonald’s appointment of the Weiden + Kennedy New York is part of their Bigger Bolder Vision 2020 business transformation strategy. The fast-food brand chose the independent agency because of its “strong strategic and creative output and successful track record in developing provocative content to develop relationships between customers and well-known brands”. Some of the brands cited as an example include Nike, Bud Light, Coca-Cola (for Sprite and Vitamin Water) and Delta.

Another reason why the fast-food chain chose Weiden + Kennedy New York was because the agency was able to learn about the brand quickly. The agency was also able to develop creative ideas to “influence culture and drive customer excitement. McDonald’s believes that the talent on the team will bring innovative storytelling capabilities and strategies to the brand. These capabilities and strategies they believe will create more powerful and transformative experiences for their customers.

McDonald’s Speaks on the Appointment

Morgan Flatley, McDonald’s USA chief marketing officer spoke about the appointment. He talked about how they have the responsibility to continue to innovate and modernize their marketing. Flatley explained that they are transforming every aspect of their business. He stated that they have used the opportunity to ensure that they have the right agency partners. These agency partners will help them accelerate their growth. Flatley then expressed his confidence that Wieden+Kennedy New York will drive the creative excellence that will influence culture and develop relationships with their customers in new ways. He also thanked  We Are Unlimited for their work over the last three years supporting key moments in their transformation and operational excellence.


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