Mavrck Infographic: How Much Influencers Like to Take a Stand


Influencer marketing is the newest rave in the marketing world. The marketing form has seen a rise in popularity with many brands increasing its marketing spend on this marketing form. Despite the increase in popularity, influencer marketing gets a bad rep from brands and consumers. Many people, both brands and consumers distrust influencers. Many consumers distrust them because they believe their endorsements are often inauthentic. They believe that all influencers are concerned with is making money and that they often represent brands they don’t truly connect with or support. With this perception, it’s hard to believe that they like to take a stand.

Mavrck Infographic: How Much Influencers Like to Take a Stand

An influencer marketing platform called Mavrck recently conducted a study looking at if they actually like to take a stand. According to their findings, many of the perceived notions about influencer not taking a stand is wrong. Mavrck has set the record straight with their latest study. On this post, we would be sharing insights from the Mavrck study. We will also share the results from the study in infographic form.

About the Study

According to the study, influencers care about their work and about who they work with. The study showed that a majority of influencers are more likely to work with a cause-based brand. The influencer marketing platform found many of them (23%) want to give back as part of the campaign. It also found that other factors for engaging include an authentic fit with the brand and if the brand has an ongoing commitment to supporting the cause.

The study revealed that some of the most important causes to influencers include the environment, marginalized communities and animals

Mavrck Speaks on the Study

Jeff Melton, chief marketing strategy officer for Mavrck spoke about the study. He talked about how understanding influencers’ unique perspectives is an important part of the consumer insights process. Melton also stated that values-led approach requires a different mindset from the objective-, product- or channel-led influencer marketing strategies that many marketers employ today.

Mavrck Infographic: How Much Influencers Like to Take a Stand


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