MasterCard’s Reimagines ‘Priceless’ Moments in Its First UK Debit Card Ad


MasterCard recently launched a campaign in the UK for its debit card. This campaign is a first for the brand, it is the first-ever UK debit card campaign. The campaign aims to celebrate how even small transactions can lead to ‘priceless’ moments. MasterCard’s UK debit card campaign was created by McCann London. With the campaign, MasterCard is trying to reframe perceptions among a new generation of cardholders, by showcasing its debit offering.

MasterCard's Reimagines 'Priceless' Moments in Its First UK Debit Card Ad

About MasterCard’s First UK Debit Card Ad

The MasterCard UK debit card campaign aims to highlight the fact that shopping habits have changed over the years, with people using their contactless cards to buy cheaper items. MasterCard’s latest campaign is called ‘Everyday Priceless’. It demonstrates how you don’t need a credit card to have ‘priceless’ moments. It demonstrates how even the small buys can lead to personal and meaningful moments. Some of these moments demonstrated include getting a quick espresso and the effects it has on your day or the coming together of friends after work or friends getting makeup and bonding over it.

The campaign is a social-first campaign and it is built around six everyday payment occasions. These six everyday occasions will be played across a creative platform featuring out of home, TV, social media and customer communications.


MasterCard Speaks About the Campaign

Nicola Grant, head of marketing and communications, UK, Ireland, Nordics and Baltics at MasterCard spoke about the campaign. She talked about how the brand wanted to focus on the wonderful moments that smaller, everyday transactions can create, bringing people together and injecting joy into our daily lives.

Grant explained that the campaign is an opportunity to speak to a new generation of cardholders in the UK that are currently less familiar with Mastercard debit and introduce the concept of Everyday Priceless. Everyday Priceless is a chance to make someone’s day and reflect on the power of our small purchases, every day.

McCann London Speaks on the Campaign

Greg Mullen, creative director from McCann London also spoke about the campaign. He talked about the popular saying that says ‘how we spend our days is how we spend our lives’. According to Mullen we tend to overlook the everyday. So, they wanted to help shine a light on the little purchases we make every day that can create meaningful moments, a bit of Everyday Priceless.


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