Mastercard Unveils Its Sonic Identity


Earlier this year Mastercard revealed that it will be dropping its name from its logo, leaving just the intersecting circles. Mastercard has joined the growing group of brands and publishers who are experimenting with sound. The brand just unveiled its sonic identity to the world. Mastercard’s sonic identity is a unique lyrics-less melody, it is a 12-second melody that Mastercard plans to adapt to different versions.

What You Need to Know about Mastercard’s New Sonic Identity

Like it said earlier the Mastercard melody is a 12-second unique lyric-less melody. The melody will be played when customers interact with the brand in-store (Point of sales), online, or through voice assistants (like Alexa.)  It will be used for hold music, ringtones and point of sales acceptance chimes. Mastercard’s sonic identity was developed by Mike Shinoda of the band Linkin Park. The brand has also tapped other musicians, agencies and artist from all over the world to record different versions of it.

Click to listen to Mastecard’s Melody

The different versions will ensure that the melody resonates with everyone in the different parts of the world. MasterCard also plans to adapt its sonic identity for different situations. It will be played with varying instruments and tempos to change its style. It will be adapted to different styles like operatic, playful and cinematic. Fred Segal Sunset is Los Angeles will be the first retailer to use the brand’s sonic identity at its point of sale. The store will also have a Mastercard Sensory Lab for consumers to listen to the melody. They also plan to promote their melody with a new marketing campaign that will star Camila Cabello.  

Why the Brand Developed a Sonic Identity

According to Mastercard, they hope the new sonic identity will offer customers a seamless familiarity with the Mastercard brand. Speaking about the brand’s Sonic Identity Raja Rajamannar the Chief marketing and communications officer spoke about the power of sound. He spoke about how sound adds a powerful new dimension to their brand identity. He said that the sonic identity adds a critical component to how people recognize their brand in the years to come. Rajamannar spoke about how they developed the melody, stating that the brand wanted a sound that was distinct and authentic but still adaptable globally and across genres. He stated that the brand wants its sonic identity to not just reinforce their presence but they want it to resonate around the world.

Mastercard unveiling its brand identity is the brand reacting to the voice commerce trend. Voice commerce is becoming more and more popular. According to reports, voice shopping will hit $40 billion by 2022, which will be up from $2 billion in 2018. A lot of brands are developing an audio strategy to ensure they stay ahead of the fast-rising trend.

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