Mars Rebrands as it Builds a More Business-Focused Image


Mars Incorporated the parent company of a large number of household brands like Uncle Ben’s, Whiskas, Dolmio and Galaxy recently announced that it is rebranding. The rebranding exercise is intended to demonstrate the brand’s efforts to move away from its candy origins to display a more business-focused image.

Mars Rebrands as it Builds a More Business-Focused Image

About the Rebranding Efforts

The rebranding by Mars resulted from the efforts the brand is making to step away from its confectionery roots. They are currently trying to reflect its broader business footprint which includes brands like Uncle Ben’s Whiskas, Dolmio, Wrigley and CocoaVia. The rebranding features a more modern looking design and a new and clear statement of their values. The new mission statement now reads “The world we want tomorrow starts with how we do business today”. They also have a new dedication to “making a difference” through their “115,000 Associates pushing in the same direction.”

 The rebranding also features a new look for the brand and a new logo. As part of the rebrand efforts and to reflect and show off its broad portfolio, It has now segmented its business interests. Mars has now been segmented into Mars Food, Mars Petcare, Mars Wrigley Confectionery and Mars Edge. Mars Edge is the brand entrepreneurial segment that will focus on desirable and nutritious food. With the rebrand efforts, it looks like the brand has embraced purpose which makes it very similar to fellow holding companies like Unilever and P&G.

Mars Rebrands as it Builds a More Business-Focused Image

Mars Speaks on the Rebranding

Andy Pharaoh the Brands Vice President of Corporate affairs Strategic Initiatives and Sustainable spoke to Adweek about the rebranding efforts. He stated that the rebranding effort came from a very strong belief that to be successful in the long term. They need to be as differentiated as their individual business units and brands were.  He stated the belief led to the rebranding which was really about how to differentiate the brand based on purpose. 

Pharaoh also stated that even though the rebranding efforts have an element of a brand refresh, it is definitely not a marketing program. He described it as a more corporate approach to make the brand stand out more. Pharaoh also spoke about the logo, stating they chose green to emphasize the importance of sustainability. The yellow was to represent hope and optimism.


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