MailChimp Launches Small business Marketing Suite


MailChimp is moving beyond just emails, the brand recently announced that it will be launching an all-in-one marketing platform. The all-in-one marketing platform is made for small and growing businesses. By creating the all-in-one marketing platform, they are trying to make their platform the one-stop source for all small business marketing needs. The small business marketing suite involves the introduction of a new CRM platform.

MailChimp Launches Small business Marketing Suite

Mailchimp’s CRM

By creating a CRM system, Mail chimp is trying to make it easier for its users to store their data all in one place. The CRM system has features like audience view that lets users see who is part of their customer base. It also has features like segment tagging which allows businesses to silo off certain customers and empty personalized marketing tactics on them. The platform wants the CRM to be a central point for small to medium-sized businesses (SMB) to control their marketing campaigns. With CRM, businesses can get to know their customers even better through data and targeting. Business can view a customer’s lifetime value based on marketing KPIs like open rate, clicks and more.

Marketing Tools

In addition to the CRM, MailChimp also launchED some other marketing tools, some of which include ‘smart recommendations.’ The smart recommendation looks at a user’s data and delivers “data-driven” recommendations via AI.  They also rolled out a feature that gives businesses the ability to let its users retarget customers with Facebook and Instagram ads (the company already had the feature enabled for Google).  Businesses can now also use the platform to organically post to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, keeping the data centre.

Website Builder Tools

Apart from the marketing related tools, MailChimp also introduced a website builder tool. They are moving beyond its shoppable landing pages. The platform just introduced the ability to let users create their own website. Users can also buy a domain name to go along with the website.

By doing all these, they want to give users the ability to start building a customer base that they can then feed into the CRM

New Pricing

The platform has also introduced tiered pricing packages, they are moving away from its three plans (which included a free, $10 and $199 monthly plan).  Now they are offering a free package, a $9.99/month essential plan that offers custom branding and a/b testing. There will be a $14.99/month standard plan with features like retargeting ads and custom automation. The final plan is the premium $299.99/month plan with features like phone support and advanced segmentation.

Every plan plus the free one will have the CRM offering. They will also have smart recommendations and basic templates and automatons. As part of a promise to its existing paying customers, those users can stay on their same plans and price.


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