Macy’s Launches STORY: A Narrative Driven Retail Experience


Macy’s just recently launched a new retail experience called STORY. STORY was created to bring life to retail using an editorial approach. It is a concept shop that uses a narrative approach to bring various merchandising concepts to life.  Macy’s STORY is a retail concept that focuses on a particular theme and changes up the products and layout every few months.  For the launch, the retail giants chose the theme or story “Colour Story”. With the Colour story theme, customers will be able to explore and experience colour through a rainbow of gift products.

Macy's Launches STORY: A Narrative Driven Retail Experience

About Macy’s First Theme Colour Story

Macy’s first theme “Color Story” will run from April through to June 26th, after which a new narrative experience will be unveiled. The retail brand plans to change the theme every few months. According to the brand’s CEO  Jeff Gennette,  they hope the introduction STORY will give people more reasons to shop with them more frequently. STORY will be open in 36 Macy stores and for its first theme, they have more than 300 colour-related events. Each Story concept takes up about 1,500 square feet in Macy’s stores. The only location that doesn’t do this is the location in Herald Square, New York. The store in New York uses more than 7,500 square feet between the first and mezzanine floor.

Macy's Launches STORY: A Narrative Driven Retail Experience

For its first theme “Colour Story”, Macy’s worked with more than 70 brands to bring Colour Story to life. Some of those brands include MAC, they have a “build your own palette” area. Another brand is Levi’s, which is giving customers a sneak peek of its Levi’s and Crayola collaboration for kids. The retail brand is also working with small businesses in an effort to support these smaller businesses. According to the retail brand, they have added hired more than 270 “story managers.” Each “story manager” has been trained on how to talk to customers and how to build a Story space. Each of the 70 brands partnering with Macy’s will come together to make it a truly colourful gift giving experience for the customers.

Macy's Launches STORY: A Narrative Driven Retail Experience

The boutiques were STORY will be featured are located in key Macy’s locations including Boca Raton Fl., State Street in Chicago, Il., Las Vegas, Nv., Willowbrook, N.J., Brooklyn, N.Y., Northpark Center Dallas, Tx., Bellevue, Wa., and Metro Center, Washington, D.C.

Macy's Launches STORY: A Narrative Driven Retail Experience

Macy’s Speak on their New Retail Experience

The founder of STORY and the brand’s experience officer Rachel Shectman spoke about the new experience. According to her, the STORY experience feels like a real-life version of scrolling through Instagram. She stated that customers will discover things they weren’t looking for but will be inspired by all the fun finds. She says that the second you see these items, you will need it.


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