Macallan Whisky Ad Banned For ‘Promoting Risky Behavior’


A Macallan Whisky Ad was recently banned in the Uk for ‘Promoting Risky Behaviour.’ The Macallan Whisky Ad which was broadcast on various platforms was recently ruled and proclaimed an irresponsible ad by The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Macallan Whisky Ad Banned For 'Promoting Risky Behavior'

About the Macallan Whisky Ad

The Macallan Whisky Ad features a man trying to gather the courage to jump off a cliff. He eventually gets the courage to jump off but as he tumbles down the incredible distance. He magically begins to sprout wings, which allows him to fly. The Macallan Whisky Ad is aimed at promoting making bold choices. The spot’s ending tagline encourages viewers to “Make the Call”.  It was created by the creative agency J. Walter Thompson London in late 2018.

Why the Macallan Whisky Ad was Banned

The spot was banned by Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority. It was done after they received 6 complaints about the spot, the complaints sparked a review on the spot. The review determined that the spot encouraged dangerous behaviour in a way that “was compounded by the text ‘Would you risk falling … for the chance to fly?’.” In response, Macallan parent company Edrington Distillers argued that the spot is a metaphor. In the ruling by ASA, they stated that the story was treated as a mystical almost mythical story and was completely removed from the real world.

Some of the viewers who complained about the spot also stated that the ad also linked alcohol with risky decision making. Macallan’s Execs denied that their spot was trying to link risky video with alcohol. In its ruling, ASA stated that the implied product connection was worthy of concern. The stated that though the character wasn’t seen to be consuming the alcohol at any point. They still feel that the spot made a clear association between an alcoholic product and potentially very dangerous, daring behaviour. ASA concluded that the Macallan was irresponsible with the ad, they also warned the brand to ensure that their future ads didn’t link alcohol with daring and irresponsible behaviour. As per the ASA’s ruling the spot will no longer run in Britain in its current form.

Video of Macallan – Make the Call

What do you think about the spot? Is the ASA right?


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