Lux to Focus on Women Who Defy Stereotypes with New Brand Purpose


Lux recently unveiled its new brand purpose, the new brand purpose aims to inspire women to defy judgments and express their femininity unapologetically. Lux chose this new brand purpose after they found that the more effort women put into looking beautiful, the more they tend to be judged.  The Unilever owned brand then dug deep and realized that the creative and entertainment industries both have an important role to play in shaping how women are judged.  

Lux to Focus on Women Who Defy Stereotypes with New Brand Purpose

Lux Speaks on the New Brand Purpose

The global brand vice president of Lux at Unilever Anne Radmacher commented about the brand’s new brand purpose. She described how society is influenced from a young age by the lyrics of the songs we listen to or by the movies we watch. According to Radmacher, the way women are portrayed in these songs and movies influence how society and women think women should look or behave. She explained that how women are portrayed in music and movies are starting points for where judgments come from.  Radmacher then explained how the Lux brand wanted to look specifically at the way women are portrayed in the entertainment industry. They then decided to commit to recognizing and supporting women who rise above judgments and challenge these stereotypes.

What the Lux New Brand Purpose will Entail

To promote its new brand purpose, the Unilever owned brand formed a regional partnership with NBC Universal International Networks (NBCUIN)-owned E!. The partnership will see E! help Lux drive real-time content and conversations celebrating women who defy judgments. E! and Lux will be using the red carpet which has already become a platform for female celebrities to advocate social change and inspire female empowerment and equality.  Lux with the help of its media agency Mindshare used E!’s real-time red carpet moments at International award shows to create content to promote its new brand purpose.

The partnership between Unilever owned brand and E! started during this year’s Oscars with the campaign #LuxDefyingJudgements. At the Oscars, there was a digital hub which was set up to help capture conversations live from the red carpet. The conversations captured were then developed into a series of content and editorial stories. These content and stories captured and celebrated women who defied judgments about their feminity during the Oscars. These content and stories were named “#LuxDefyingJudgements Moments”


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