Love is in the Air: 5 of the Most Romantic Commercials


Love is in the air today because today is Valentine’s Day. In honour of Valentine’s Day, we have created a list of some of the most romantic commercials in our opinion. We would like to issue a warning, these spots will make you say “Awww” and have you smiling sheepishly. The commercials don’t appear in any particular order of preference or ranking.

Wemo: The Big Anniversary

This is one of the most romantic commercials ever, it tries to leave you with the message that you can still give your partner a romantic experience even if you are miles away. The commercial shows a woman as she experiences different amazing displays of love from her husband. What makes it extra special is that her husband is miles away. He was able to make the romantic presentation possible with the help WEMO.

Video Of Wemo: The Big Anniversary

KFC: Love is Forever

This is another one of the most romantic commercials ever. It shows an older couple dancing together around a room. As they dance, their appearance changes and they get younger and younger. They keep getting younger till the transform to two children lying on a bed. What makes this commercial so romantic is its simplicity, it’s a sweet representation of love

Video of KFC: Love is Forever

Google: Parisian Love

This is another very simple romantic commercial, Google simpl leverages the power of storytelling for this spot.  It tells a sweet love story just by using Google’s search engine alone, we don’t even get to see the protagonist. The spot lets you imagine the story in your head, making it that much sweeter and wonderful. The Parisian Love commercial tells the story of an exchange student who goes to Paris and falls in love.

Cesar: Love Them Back

This is a very sweet and romantic commercial. It tells the story of an old man and his West Highland Terrier, it shows us how they spend their day together. We see them visit at a café, wander around town and visit his late wives’ grave. What makes this spot extra special is that even though it touches on romantic love very briefly, it mostly focuses on the value of good companionship.

Lacoste: Timeless, the Film

Lacoste’s Timeless tells the story of a man who sees a beautiful young lady at the train station. The spot is set in a time period around the ’50s or ’60s. The man begins to chase the young lady, as he continues to change her the time continues to skip generations till it lands in the present generation. This is a romantic commercial because it captures the exciting nature of romance.


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