Little Girl Uses the Surface Computer to Talk to Reindeer in Microsoft Holiday Ad


Microsoft recently released its first-holiday ad. In the spot, we see a little girl use the tech brand’s surface computer to speak to a couple of reindeer. The little girl shows off the surface computer’s Microsoft translator, as she uses it to communicate with the reindeer. This Microsoft Holiday ad is the perfect blend of technology and traditions.

Little Girl Uses the Surface Computer to Talk to Reindeer in Microsoft Holiday Ad

About the Microsoft Holiday Ad

The Microsoft Holiday ad starts with a little girl called Lucy watching her mother do business using her Surface computer. Her mother is negotiating with some Japanese business counterparts. Her father points out that her mother is able to effectively communicate with her Japanese business partners because of the Microsoft translator which effectively translates their speech to English.

In awe of the innovation, the curious six-year-old Lucy has an epiphany. She grabs the Surface computer and goes outside to speak to a couple of reindeer who are standing in her yard. Lucy uses the Surface computer to ask if the reindeer if they understand her. The reindeer grunt a little and Microsoft’s translator translates it to mean that they understand her. Excited that they can understand her, she turns to a precocious interviewer. She rattles off a bunch of Christmas and reindeer themed questions (many we can assume are on the minds of many children and some adults). She asks questions like “how do they fly, what does Santa do in the summer, what’s the sleigh made out of”? It ends with a text-over stating: “Happy Holidays in 60+ languages. Reindeer isn’t one of them. Yet.”

More about the Holiday Spot

With this Microsoft Holiday spot, the tech brand is trying to bring its innovation to life through the spirit, wonder and imagination. The spot was created by creative agency m:united//McCann New York. It will be launched during the iconic Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and run through December across TV, cinema, digital and social channels.



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