List of Top Instagram Influencers in Every Industry


The industry of influencer marketing is growing faster than the speed of light.  Over the years influencer marketing has grown very steadily and has become very popular. Almost every type of brand and business is incorporating influencer marketing into its marketing strategy. Their efforts aren’t in vain, as it is a very effective marketing form. Customers tend to trust the word of influencers over celebrities. Even though the industry has been under some fire lately, it is still growing steadily.

To compete in today’s business world, businesses have to implement an influencer marketing strategy. A big part of implementing a successful influencer marketing strategy is choosing the right influencer. On this post, we would make choosing the right influencer a little easier by listing out the top Instagram influencers in every industry. By looking through this list of top Instagram influencers in every industry, you can make better and informed decisions when choosing an influencer.

Top Instagram Influencers in Fashion & Style

  1. Chiara Ferragni (15.3 million followers)
  2. Alexa Chung (3.1 million followers)
  3. Jenn Im (1.7 million followers)
  4. Julia Hengel (1.2 million followers)
  5. Mariano Di Vaio (6.1 million followers)
  6. Aimee Song (5.3 million followers)
  7. Danielle Bernstein (2.1 million followers)
  8. Oscar Cobo (162k followers)
  9. Giovanna Engelbert (925k followers)
  10. Gabi Gregg (713k followers)

Top Instagram Influencer in Food

  1. Jamie Oliver (6.7 million followers)
  2. Brad Lau (620k followers)
  3. David Chang (1 million followers)
  4. Ida Frosk (267k followers)
  5. Lindsey Silverman Love (105k followers)
  6. Dennis the Prescott (462k followers)
  7. Molly Yeh (315k followers)
  8. R Tan (58k followers)
  9. Ela Vegan (822k followers)
  10. Minimalist Baker (1.6 million followers)

Top Instagram Influencers in Travel Influencers on Instagram

  1. Annette White (99.2k followers)
  2. Matthew Karsten (153k followers)
  3. The Points Guy (115k followers)
  4. The Blonde Abroad (547k followers
  5. The PlanetD (223k followers)
  6. Jack Morris (2.8 million followers)
  7. Lauren Bullen (2 million followers)
  8. The Bucket List Family (1.5 million followers)
  9. Murad Osmann (4.1 million followers)
  10. Tara Milk Tea (1.3 million followers)

Top Instagram Influencers in Lifestyle

  1. Jannid Olsson Delér (1.4 million followers)
  2. Oliver Proudlock (734k followers)
  3. Brunch Boys (463k followers)
  4. Adorian Deck (17.7k followers)
  5. Hind Deer (609k followers)
  6. Kennedy Cymone (782k followers)
  7. Sydney Leroux Dwyer (1 million followers)
  8. Joanna Stevens Gaines (11.2 million followers)
  9. Lilly Singh (8.9 million followers)
  10. Rosanna Pansino (4.4 million followers)

Top Instagram Influencers in Design

  1. Marie Kondo (668k followers)
  2. Ashley Stark Kenner (520k followers)
  3. Casa Chicks (266k followers)
  4. Paulina Jamborowicz (192k followers)
  5. Kasia Będzińska (212k followers)
  6. Will Taylor (249k followers)
  7. Studio McGee (780k followers)
  8. Natalie Myers (18.9k followers)
  9. Grace Bonney (932k followers)
  10. Saudah Saleem (13.7k followers)

Top Instagram Influencers in Beauty

  1. Michelle Phan (2 million followers)
  2. Jeffree Star (8.8 million followers)
  3. Manny Gutierrez (4.8 million followers)
  4. Naomi Giannopoulos (7.3 million followers)
  5. Samantha Ravndahl (2.2 million followers)
  6. Huda Kattan (28.2 million followers)
  7. Wayne Goss (649k followers)
  8. Zoe Sugg (10.4 million followers)
  9. James Charles (15.8 million followers)
  10. Shayla Mitchell (2.8 million followers)

Top Instagram Influencers in Sport & Fitness

  1. Massy Arias (2.5 million followers)
  2. Eddie Hall (866k followers)
  3. Ty Haney (38.8k followers)
  4. Hannah Bronfman (478k followers)
  5. Kenneth Gallarzo (418k followers)
  6. Sjana Elise Earp (1.4 million followers)
  7. Cassey Ho (1.5 million followers)
  8. Kayla Itsines (11.7 million followers)
  9. Jen Selter (12.8 million followers)
  10. Simeon Panda (5.4 million followers)

Top Instagram Influencers in Photography

  1. Benjamin Lowy (229k followers)
  2. Murad Osmann (4.3 million followers)
  3. Michael Yamashita (1.4 million followers)
  4. Stacy Kranitz (98.7k followers)
  5. Jimmy Chin (1.9 million followers)
  6. Gueorgui Pinkhassov (94.2k followers)
  7. Pei Ketron (771k followers)
  8. Paul Nicklen (5.6 million followers)
  9. Jack Harries (1.5 million followers)
  10. İlhan Eroğlu (656k followers)


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