Liquid Death Hires Witch Doctor to Hex Its Water


Liquid Death, the canned water which is promoted as an alternative to energy drinks and soda recently released a campaign in honour of the month of October which happens to be Halloween month. The campaign comes in the form of a sinister-sounding prank where we see the brand hire a witch doctor to hex its water. Yes! You heard right, they got a witch doctor to curse their water.

About the Stunt

Liquid Death got an actual witch doctor from North Hollywood California. His name is Mystic Dylan and he cast a hex on the brand’s inventory. The brand released an ad called Certified Cursed for October to show the whole process. In the spot, we see Mystic Dylan perform the dark ritual hexing the drinks.

According to the ad, anyone who consumes the hexed inventory will be a magnet for demons. Liquid Death put out a disclaimer stating it is not responsible for what the demons do to you after you consume the drink. For those who have had enough of the demons, good news for you! You can remove the hex for the low price of 99 cents.


The Brand Explains the Stunt

According to the brand, they wanted to play with the idea of superstition and that’s why the hired Mystic Dylan the witch doctor for its stunt. Mike Cessario the CEO of Liquid Death spoke about the stunt. He talked about how the brand is a fan of artists who make you think or who play with established beliefs, or whose work creates an emotional reaction.  According to Cessario, they like to bring such artists into their brand and marketing. They do this so that it feels less like marketing. Cessario also talked about how the brand likes dancing on that tightrope where it makes people a little uncomfortable, yet it still has the ability to be very entertaining.

About Liquid Death

Liquid Death is canned water that’s marketed as an alternative to energy drinks. The target audience for the drink is the young, active, sports and music-loving guy (think skateboarders, metalheads, straight-edgers). The drink is priced at $1.83 per can, with 5 cents from every sale donated to plastic cleanup efforts.


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