LinkedIn Salary: LinkedIn Launches Salary Insight Feature


LinkedIn has recently announced the launch of the LinkedIn Salary feature in India. According to LinkedIn, the tool will be “a definitive resource for job salary data”. The feature will basically provide a detailed breakdown of salaries by job title and locations in India.

LinkedIn Salary: LinkedIn Launches Salary Insight Feature

What is the LinkedIn Salary Feature and how does it work?

The LinkedIn Salary feature is a tool that gives you a breakdown of salaries for a job role in different locations in India. The tool draws data from the different networks of LinkedIn members in India.  The tool gives professionals on the LinkedIn platform insight into the compensation landscape. It doesn’t just give general information about the compensation landscape but it gives a total and detailed breakdown. With the tool, you can get information on compensation benefits like bonuses. You can also get equity data for specific job titles along with the different factors that impact like years of experience, industry, company size location and education.

The LinkedIn Salary feature also provides insight into top paying locations, top paying companies etc. It gives insights into educational qualifications and industries in regards to specific job titles. Free members of LinkedIn can access the LinkedIn Salary feature by contributing their salary data while Premium LinkedIn members don’t have to offer that data to use the feature.

Why LinkedIn Created the LinkedIn Salary Feature

According to a statement by Ajay Datta, the Head of Product India LinkedIn said that the tool was created to help members make informed decisions. With the insights gained from the tool, they hope that the tool will help members get closer to their dream job. Datta says that the tool will help create salary transparency and empower their members with the reliable data on what companies are paying today. They want this tool to help professionals negotiate better salaries and optimize their earning potential. In Datta’s statement he said that as the Salary feature gains momentum in India, it will offer more actionable insights to a LinkedIn member.

Apart from the launch of the LinkedIn Salary feature, they also revealed a study of the ‘top five highest-paid regions’ in India and the ‘top 10 highest paid industries’. No statement was made concerning releasing the feature worldwide.

About LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional network, it is basically a social network for the business community. It was founded on December 28, 2002, and launched on May 5, 2003. The main goal of LinkedIn is to allow registered members to establish and document networks of people they know and trust professionally.


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