LinkedIn Launches Its First TV Ad Campaign


LinkedIn recently launched its first TV ad campaign. The campaign for the social network was launched in the UK. The campaign theme centres around the theme “ What are you searching for” and the #InIttogether accompanies the campaign. This campaign for the social network features real members that are active on the platform. In the ad, we see the members share what they are really searching for in a job.

LinkedIn Launches Its First TV Ad Campaign

 About the Ad

LinkedIn’s first TV ad campaign in the UK was created by creative agency BMB. In the ad, we see real members share what they are really searching for in a job. One member tells the camera  “I’m searching for a job where I’m in charge.” Another continues “that doesn’t feel like work,” after which a young man appears sat between his Sikh parents and says “I’m searching for a job because it’s time to move out.”

“I’m searching for a job that’s creative,” “that shares my values” and “where I can have a lie-in” are other reasons supplied by LinkedIn members, who reveal redundancy pains and difficulties they’ve had to overcome in order to get the role they love. LinkedIn’s ad ends with the members finding their new roles via the social network.

LinkedIn Speaks on the Ad

Ngaire Moyes, senior director, brand and communications, at LinkedIn EMEA spoke about the campaign. He talked about how “What are you searching for? Is a powerful question. Moyes talks about how the answer to “What are you searching for?” is different for everyone. Knowing the reasons are different is the reason behind the social network sharing the experiences of its real and diverse members.  According to the network, the real members sharing their stories is a key part of the advertising strategy.

Moyes talks about how the campaign continues to build on their In It Together brand work that seeks to create a new, warmer, more human feel with their members at its heart. He expressed the social network’s excitement to shine a light on some of these stories in this latest iteration of the campaign in the UK.

BMB Speaks on the ad

Creative chairman Matt Lever of creative agency BMB also spoke about the campaign. According to him, a person’s job search is completely unique to them, so they didn’t know what to expect when they asked Linkedin members ‘What are you searching for?’. Fortunately, the responses were inspiring, moving and sometimes downright amusing. As LinkedIn’s first UK TV campaign, they feel like it’s a great introduction for the brand in a category so often devoid of warmth and humanity.

Source: The Drum


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