LinkedIn Adds New Features to Help Job Seekers


LinkedIn recently announced that it will be rolling out new features. These new features will make it easier for Job Seekers to get a Job. These features will keep Job Seekers properly informed by informing them of newly advertised positions. It will also provide Job Seeker with more context on the skills sought out for their desired roles.

LinkedIn Adds New Features to Help Job Seekers

The New Features LinkedIn will be Adding to Its Platform


LinkedIn will be rolling out a new mobile push alert option for its members. This feature will be available to users who indicated that they are actively looking for jobs on the dashboard. With the Notifications, members will get notified immediately a new job relating to their chosen area of interest is posted. This will enable members to take immediate action when a new opportunity arises. To sign up for this feature, members simply need to tick that they are actively looking for a job in the career interest dashboard. They should also turn on their mobile notifications to get the notifications.

Job Title Highlights

Another feature LinkedIn is adding to its platform is called Job Title Highlights. This feature will give members more insight into the desired job role. LinkedIn’s new feature will provide insights like the top skills that people who are working in the position have, the top companies who are hiring for the position and your connections with the same role. To gain access to this feature simply go to the search bar on the LinkedIn desktop browser. Once there, type the specific job title and then click enter. When the search results populate, you’ll see a new module in the right rail of the page that shows highlights for that specific job title. With this feature, LinkedIn is hoping to give users more context that will help with the job search and bring them closer to their desired position.

More LinkedIn Learning

The last feature they will be adding will better equip members for their desired role. Users will not see relevant LinkedIn learning courses that are related to their desired role.


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