Lego Unveils Its First Global Brand Campaign in Decades


Lego, the toy company recently unveiled its first global brand campaign. This is the brand’s first global brand campaign in decades, in 30 years to be precise. Though the brand has created global campaigns in recent years, this campaign is the first in 30 years to spread a unified brand message around the world. Lego’s global brand campaign is called “Rebuild the World”. To help launch the campaign, the toy brand released a very whimsical and colourful video ad.

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About Lego’s Whimsical Rebuild the World Campaign for Its Global Brand Campaign

The video ad was created by both Lego’s internal agency and Paris-based BETC. This campaign is Lego’s first collaboration with BETC.  The ad is a two- minute campaign and it takes its viewers inside a child’s imagination. It tells a very whimsical and colourful story of two characters involved in a Tom and Jerry like chase. We see the two characters run around the city. The events we see during the chase are fun, colourful, whimsical and very imaginative. By the end of the ad, we see that the whole city and its characters are actually made of Lego bricks.

According to Lego, every character, animal and vehicle seen in the film is based on an existing or past Lego toy. The “Rebuild the World” campaign also includes a series of out-of-home ads. These OOH ads work to challenge gender stereotypes. Asides the video ad and OOH ads, there are also some digital OOH spots. These spots bring quirky Lego creations to life. The digital ads will appear in cities including London, Paris, Beijing, Mexico City, Berlin, San Francisco and New York. The global campaign will run on TV, in cinema, online and out-of-home.

 Lego Speaks on the Campaign

Remi Marcelli, Lego’s svp and head of its 500-person in-house agency spoke about the campaign. He stated that the brand wanted an external partner to help it unearth an element of surprise around Lego that might have been difficult to do internally. Marcelli explained that they wanted an execution that would trigger people’s attention. This is why the chose to work with BETC. He spoke about how much of the campaign involves focusing on the importance of learning problem-solving skills and the different ways that Lego can help foster creativity in children. Overall, the ambition is to make sure that they remind the world of the full value of Lego.


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