Lego Joins the ‘Friends’ TV Show Nostalgia Bandwagon


Friend’s nostalgia seems to be in the air and many brands want to get in on the action. The beloved and timeless show is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and many brands are celebrating the hit show in its special way. Pottery Barn was one of such brands, they recently released a retail collection. Warner Media’s new direct streaming service just picked up the series to run next spring as part of its way of celebrating the hit show.

Lego Joins the ‘Friends’ TV Show Nostalgia Bandwagon

Warner Media also recently announced a month-long pop-up event at New York. At the event, fans can have a fun and engaging ‘Friends’ experiential event for just $30. Now Lego seems to be joining the ‘Friends’ TV show nostalgia bandwagon.

Lego Joins the ‘Friends’ TV Show Nostalgia Bandwagon

The toymaker has seen the financial potential of Friends’ long-running popularity and decided to benefit from the hit show. Lego recently released its own Lego Ideas Central Perk set. The set includes a recreation of the café and memorabilia from the show. There are also replicas of all the main characters and Gunther.

The “Friends” set will retail for $59.99 and will officially go on sale on the 1st of September. According to a spokeswoman, Lego came up with the concept from its Lego Ideas crowdsourcing platform. The platform encourages fans to submit ideas.

More Details about Lego’s Friends Set

For marketing the new set, the toy marker will rely on its public relations team and its owned channels. These channels include its official site and social media. Already, many are weighing in on Twitter, including Matthew Perry, the actor who played Chandler.

The toymaker already sells its own Lego Friends collection. The collection is not affiliated with the show and includes toys and kid-friendly episodes about the adventures of a group of BFFs. These BFFs are called Andrea, Emma, Mia, Olivia and Stephanie. Coincidentally the Friends in their original collection have an earworm of an opening jingle. But instead of “I’ll be there for you,” the characters repeat “Me and my best friends, forever till the end, me and my best girlfriends,” several times over.


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