Landwey and PiggyVest Announce Partnership


Real Estate Company LandWey Investment Limited recently announced that it is partnering with online savings and investments platform, PiggyVest. The two brands will be partnering to facilitate ease of accessibility to land ownership for middle and low-income earners through the savings and investment platform.

Landwey and PiggyVest Announce Partnership

Landwey and PiggyVest Announce Partnership

Their partnership was created to help middle and low-income earners own land with ease. By using the savings and investment platform middle and low-income earners will be able to invest in real estate from the comfort of their homes.  Information concerning the partnership is currently limited, so we don’t know exactly how the partnership will work. But we expect more details to come to light has the partnership strengthens.

Landwey and PiggyVest partnership is not a new phenomenon, many companies have been working on projects to help people own land easily. PropTech Companies such as Secure, Coreum, MyCashEstate and many others currently offer Nigerians the opportunity to acquire real estate with ease.  The partnership between the two brands is just the latest addition that will be beneficial for people seeking to acquire land easily.

PiggyVest Speaks on its Partnership with Landwey

The CEO of the savings and investment platform Somtochukwu Ifezue spoke about the partnership with Landwey. He stated that the partnership is highly remarkable. He explained that the two brands have come together to ensure everyone, especially young people can own a piece of land as little as one square meter with a very small amount of money.  Ifezue also stated that the scheme creates entry paths for virtually any Nigerian within low and medium-income brackets to actualize their dream of premium land ownership.

PiggyVest has steadily been growing to become one of Nigeria’s top savings and investment platform. The platform was able to raise $1.1M Seed capital in May 2018 and used the seed to diversify from being just an online savings platform to becoming an avenue for investments in agriculture and now real estate.


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