LandShark Lager Adopts Sharks for Shark Week


It’s Summertime and this year’s Shark Week will soon commence. For a lot of people, Shark Week is a must-view on TV this summer. The whole programming surrounding this week dedicated to these predators helps to raise awareness for the predators. It helps raise awareness of the dangers facing sharks and their habitats. LandShark Lager whose brand is tied to these ferocious predators has decided to step up during this year’s Shark Week. The brand is jumping into the water to help raise awareness for the ferocious predators.

LandShark Lager Adopts Sharks for Shark Week

LandShark Lager Adopts Sharks for Shark Week

LandShark teamed up with Shark Angels, a global conservation activist group. The Larger brand will be aiding the group’s efforts to educate and provide awareness to the biggest issues facing sharks and their ecosystems today. As part of their work with the activist group, the larger brand adopted 100 sharks through the group. The activist group Shark Angels allow people and companies to adopt a shark species to raise money and awareness of the critical issues the predatory species face.

As part of the larger brand’s effort to bring a shark experience to life. They are offering fans an opportunity to visit Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville. At Margaritaville, fans will get the opportunity to swim with sharks. Six lucky fans will win an all-inclusive trip to Margaritaville Resort in Hollywood, Florida for two nights, leading up to a real shark dive. For fans interested in participating in the promotion, they should text SHARK to 78896. The offer will last through August 24 and the trip is set for September 12-14.

Shark Angels Speak on the Partnership

Jamie Pollack, Shark Angels executive director spoke about the partnership with the larger brand. He stated that the group is beyond thrilled to have LandShark partner with them in order to further their mission and help drive the movement to save sharks and the oceans.  Pollack stated that the donation will be used to further their educational programs and help empower the next generation of shark ambassadors around the world.


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