Lactose Tells Powerful Story about Break Ups in Its New ‘Crocodile Inside’ Campaign


Lactose recently started a new campaign titled ‘Crocodile Inside’, as part of the campaign, the brand released a spot. In the new spot for ‘Crocodile Inside’ campaign, Lactose deviates from convention by allowing a powerful story take the stage of the spot instead of the brand. The spot is centred on a couple who’s going through a breakup.

Lactose Tells Powerful Story about Break Ups in Its New ‘Crocodile Inside’ Campaign

About the New Spot for the ‘Crocodile Inside’ Campaign

The new spot for the ‘Crocodile Inside’ Campaign was created with the agency BETC. It tells the story of a couple who are arguing or breaking up. As they fight very passionately the world around them literally starts to crumble. We see the building they are in split open and starts to crumble. The visuals of the crumbling building are so beautiful and are so reminiscent of Christopher Nolan’s inceptions. The entire scene is heightened by Edith Piaf’s “L’Hymne à l’amour.” Lactose’s story climaxes when the young couple leaps into each other’s. It ends with a tagline that reads “life is a beautiful sport “the confidence of a brand that is equipped to face any challenging circumstance rises from the metaphorical rubble. The spot was directed by French collective Megaforce.

Video of Lacoste Crocodile Inside

Lactose Speaks on the New Spot for the ‘Crocodile Inside’ Campaign

According to the brand the spot emphasises the brand’s fundamental values: tenacity, freedom of the mind and of movement, and creativity”.  They stated that the film is less “idealised and romanticised” than its previous two films featuring couples, scored by L’Hymne à l’amour by Edith Piaf.

There’s a wide ‘Crocodile Inside Campaign’ that goes beyond this new spot. It would be promoted by the brand’s ambassadors. Some of which include Novak Djokovic, Chloé Sevigny, Noah Becker, A$AP Nast, Alton Mason, Sang Woo, Moha La Squale, Rod Paradot, Serena Motola, Salif Gueye, Ebonee Davis, Jamie Bochertt, and Clara 3000. Each of these ambassadors will be urging viewers and their followers to release the ‘Crocodile Inside’.


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