La Tomatina Festival: The Ultimate Festival Bucket List


This is another instalment of our festival bucket list series. This series discusses different festivals all over the world that should have a place on your bucket list. This instalment will talk about the La Tomatina festival and why it should be on your bucket list. You can catch our last instalment on the Albuquerque International balloon festival here.

La Tomatina Festival: The Ultimate Festival Bucket List

About the La Tomatina Festival

La Tomatina is a festival that’s held in the Valencia town of Bunol in Spain. It is one of Spain’s many festivals and is one of the most popular festivals in the world. The festival is known for its uniqueness and spontaneity. At the La Tomatina festival, people gather together to have a tomato fight purely for entertainment purposes. The whole tomato fight is usually a city-wide one with tourists joining in the fun. It usually happens once a year and can last for about one hour. La Tomatina is usually held on the last Wednesday of August. Before 2013, the festival saw about 40,000 to 50,000 people but after 2013 when ticketing began to participate in the event, spaces became limited to see only 20,000 people.

La Tomatina Festival: The Ultimate Festival Bucket List

The festival usually starts with trucks hauling the tomatoes into the centre of the town. The festival isn’t expected to begin until someone climbs the top to reach the ham. Often it starts without anyone getting the ham. The fight now starts with the firing of water cannons and for an hour it is total tomatoey mayhem. After the fight, the cleaning begins with fire trucks spraying down the streets. The La Tomatina festival began in 1945 during a street parade after a fight broke out and someone started to throw vegetables at a nearby market stall. Some young boys retaliated and a huge food fight broke out. The next year the same people came with their own supply of tomatoes to start the fight and that’s how the tradition was born.

La Tomatina Festival: The Ultimate Festival Bucket List

Why Attend the La Tomatina Festival

It is an Amazing Experience

How many times would you get to experience such an inhibited and purely fun activity like this? It might seem like an absurd festival but the fun is it the absurdity of the whole experience. This kind of experience can’t be replicated, so don’t miss out on it.

It is a photographic delightful

If you are a photographer or a photography enthusiast or just enjoy taking beautiful pictures then this is the place to be. The whole festival photographs beautifully, you will capture wonderful shots of people having pure fun. The pure joy on their faces plus the red aesthetics of the tomato will make your pictures something to behold.

The Food

Another great reason to attend this festival is because of the food. You will get the opportunity to enjoy traditional Spanish cuisine

Experience Bunol

You will get the opportunity to experience the host city’s culture. You will also get the opportunity to learn about their wonderfully rich history.


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